Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Easy Homemade Cinnamon Syrup Recipe

How do you like your pancakes? Plain or drizzled with a lil' som som extra on it? For me, just the mention of pancakes gets me thinking of ways to add a little oomph to it. The first oomph that comes to mind is syrup...yes i've got a sweet tooth like that. I also know it's a favourite amongst kids and adults alike. Naija style pancakes don't need any form of syrup whatsoever but when making the classic pancakes you've got to step up your game a little especially if you've got a 5 year old cousin who calls you his sugar peeneenee like i do...lol! Without further ado, here's an easy pancake syrup you could make at the comfort of your home. This is definitely bound to give aunty jemima a run for her money ;). 

Monday, 18 July 2016

DS TV: Watch how to make Afang Soup

Hi Everyone!!! 
Happy new week. Been MIA for just a week but it feels like it's been forever. Sorry about that. Been working offline on the concluding part of a cookbook project but i'm back to work now and i can't wait to let you in on some awesome new recipes and tips to help you in your everyday life. Feels so good to be back on the blog...no more breaks for me. Today i've got a video on how to make Afang soup (Click here for recipe). You see, this soup is so delicious that the chances of storing some of it for later gets very slim once it gets into your mouth. The flavors from the Afang and water leaf combo is just out of this world. Combined with the shelled mfi, you're in for a mouth watering delicacy...This soup slays all the time. Enjoy watching. 
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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Telling the time with Daniel Wellington + Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

Time management means alot to most people. It teaches how to effectively make the most out of the few hours we've got in a day. It also helps in keeping distractions and unimportant activities in check which in turn helps you become more productive and accomplish more with less effort and time.This is one of the methods we employ here at DS and that is why we're excited to partner with the team at Daniel Wellington today. Infact, this was one of the inspirations for the downloadable meal plan recently published on the blog. To really channel my inner time conscious babe, I thought it’d be fun to share with you few pictures of my newest accessory courtesy Daniel Wellington! . There’s a fun recharge giveaway coming!.....it's down below and for 3 persons only.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Nigerian food time table download - Week 1

Hi guys! Happy new month to you all. i can't believe we're at the second quarter of the year already...How time flies. Talking about time and to start off the month, i've got this easy food time table for download to make your everyday meal planning easy. If you are a busy person, this meal plan would come in handy as well as help in taking the pressure away. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Chicken coconut curry with shrimp

This is a really easy and quick recipe you're definitely going to love. Chicken curry simmered in coconut milk with shrimp is one dish i love making especially when i need a quick fix for a sumptuous meal. i'm a real chicken lover while some members of the fam are practically tired of eating chicken. When i first thought about this meal i really wanted to make the recipe solely with shrimp but to be frank, it tasted bland and not well suited for my naija taste buds. So, i had to throw in a few chicken parts and Voila! the taste became impeccable. It's quite similar to Chicken curry and goes very well with rice, potato,yam and vegetables. Let's try this.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to make Mkpurusu (Mgbam­­­­)

I remember the first time i tried lumpy egusi soup. It was yummy and i fell instantly in love. That's one of the fondest memories i have of one of my favorite aunties because this was her specialty. She loved making soups with lumpy egusi and had perfected the art so well, even better than anybody i know. Mkpurusu can simply be described as lumpy egusi balls. In the mouth, it makes you feel like you're chewing on some kind of assorted meat whereas, all you've got is this iconic condiment. It's quite popular in the eastern region of Nigeria and is used in making the tasty ofe mkpurusu or added to soups while cooking. Here's how it's prepared

Friday, 17 June 2016

Mango semolina fruity cake recipe

Did i hear someone say; Semolina and Mango? Hell to da No!? Believe me when i say that was the reaction i got from people who were told about idea of mixing both together before they tried it out. A lot of people couldn't get over the fact that mango could be an ingredient in cake making and semolina (what we normally use in making "swallow" for soup) could be used in place of flour. Some few hours later when i gave them slices to taste without letting them know the ingredients used in the preparation, they kept raving about how good the cake was.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuna Vegetable Salad Recipe

Lately, i've been trying to challenge myself to eat more natural foods and whenever i do, colorful bowls of vegetable salad always seem to pop into my thoughts alongside the idea. Combine this with a tasty dressing or salad cream and you've got a wholesome hearty meal rich in vitamins and bursting with different flavors. So i really just wanted to make this salad like the normal tuna salad at first with few ingredients (Tuna, onion, cabbage and lots of mayonnaise) which is usually perfect on it's own but since i had some leftover vegetables, i got tempted to add them into the bowl and it turned out really colorful and very filling. Hope you enjoy making this as much as i did. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Easy Classic Pancake Recipe (Old fashioned pancakes)

The classic pancake is the easiest type of breakfast to whip up in the kitchen. There are many variations when it comes to making pancakes such as; Our very own Naija pancake which most people make with lots of sugar and oil plus additional ingredients such as pepper and onion, Masa which is simply rice puffs but made in a special pan which makes it a pan cake, Crepes which is very flat and can be rolled or folded however you want and so on. Now what makes the classic pancake different from the other pancakes mentioned is the texture which is distinct with a cake like feel. Pancakes are easy to prepare and don't require much work. Also, please note that you are required to just grease the pan with a little oil. This is one of the reasons why a non-Stick pan would come in handy for this meal. Pancakes can be eaten plain, drizzled with honey or syrup, topped with berries, butter jam etc depending on individual choice. Here's how it's made

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Gizpotato (Gizzard & Potato) Recipe

Gizzard plus potato sounds like an odd combo doesn't it? Lately, i've been making giz potato alot so i thought i'd share this variation which is very similar to Gizdodo. The mild and sweet flavors from the Irish and sweet potato makes this meal absolutely divine. If gizdodo is too sweet for you, then you've got to try this. You could switch it up and make this gizpotato with just Irish potato instead if you don't want anything sweet within. The term gizpotato is a word used to describe the gizzard and potato combo; giz for gizzard and potato. There are two versions of this meal i.e the stewed version and the stir-fried version. Either way you choose to prepare it you'd still end up with a hearty dish.

Monday, 30 May 2016

10 Stews & Sauces without Tomatoes

Tomato is undoubtedly the most popular base used in the preparation of some of the best meals here in Nigeria especially when it comes to making a tasty and decent stew. But quite recently, due to the sudden rise in the price of tomato, it's use has been cut down drastically to save cost in most homes. So instead of spending twice the amount you'd spend normally on tomatoes, i've compiled a list of stews, soups and sauces which do not require tomatoes. Without further ado...here's the list

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Edible Maggots "Akpa, Ordon, Itun, Bayelsa suya"

Edible worms. I got 3 sticks for 600 Naira. 
On my way back from a recent trip to the east along the Delta - Benin expressway, i came across an edible worm seller. You should have seen the way i jumped down from the car i was in to purchase it from the roadside seller.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Healthy, affordable and at your fingertips…
As a mother,mum we understand that you juggle a lot of things every day, to ensure your family’s well being. Power Oil has gone ahead to create a platform that will give you 1 less thing to worry about. One thing that’s top on the list is to cater for our families and to ensure that they have the best of everything and this can be a full time job. In order to ensure that nothing suffers; convenience, affordability and the well being of our families are top priority.
Knowing that this is key, Power Oil has gone ahead to create a platform that will give you one less thing to worry about… Introducing the Power Oil Online Marketplace. 

The “Food Revolution Day” is almost here and Waje, Chef Eros & British Chef Jamie Oliver have something cooking.

British Chef Jamie Oliver has come up with a way to have the longest ever Facebook Live event as part of his “The Food Revolution” campaign and music star Waje as well as Nigeria’s Chef Eros are going to be involved.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Easy Coconut Jollof Rice Recipe - How to make coconut jollof rice

The iconic jollof has proven itself as the most versatile Nigerian meal to make. From the Classic jollof to native jollof to spaghetti jollof or even agidi jollof.....i could go on and on with the endless list. When it comes to jollof, there's really no limit to how you make it. The coconut flavor in this jollof recipe would keep you going back for more. Even with the inflated cost of tomato in the market, nothing can keep loyal jollof lovers away for too long. I've actually marked the season of tomato drought on my calendar so i could make adequate preparation on how to prepare tomato puree and device means to store and preserve tomato puree before the scarcity period next year because i've noticed the trend especially during rainy season. This year alone, factors for the shortage include the following; the fuel crisis; insurgency; the recent Mile 12, Lagos crisis and viral attacks on the crop. This is definitely more complicated than the usual rainy season reason for scarcity. With that said, hope you enjoy this meal as much as i do. 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to start a blog - Food blogging 101

 So you want to start a blog right? And finding the right guidance seems like a herculean task right? Not to worry, starting a food blog isn't rocket science like it might seem like. It's actually as easy as ABC if you've got the right guidance. I can't count the number of mails i get in my inbox asking about food blogging in general so i decided to create this page. Here's one of the mails below;

Monday, 9 May 2016

Classic club sandwich recipe : How to make a club sandwich

I get super excited when i see club sandwich on the menu whenever i go out to eat. Apart from being really tasty, it's also filling and satisfying at the same time. I don't make over the top sandwiches all the time at home but whenever i do decide to make it, i go all out by making a club sandwich. If you haven't noticed, there're only two types of sandwiches; the simple which is easily forgettable and the elaborate which would remain in your memory all day long. This sandwich right here is the type that remains in the memory for a long time to come. A club sandwich is a sandwich layered with toast bread, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, tomato, chicken/turkey. Some variations occur where egg or beef is used also. It's usually served with coleslaw or fried potato chips as a snack. Easiest thing to make at home, and so so delicious. A zillion times more exciting than a sandwich on plain ole bread and butter...Believe me!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

GTBank food & drink Fair - Photos from the event (The Highlights)

If you weren't at the just concluded #GTbankfoodanddrink fair, i'm afraid to say you really missed a whole lot. There were lots of people and loads of fun - the turnout was awesome plus, the venue was packed to the brim with lots of people from far and near, home and abroad. It really buttressed the known fact that nothing brings people together as much as food does. The fair simply gave people the chance to bond over food and network. The GTBank food fair empowered young startups and encouraged people in the food business to showcase what they do. Trust GTBank to deliver, everything was done with a touch of class and excellence. It was really inspiring.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Let's profile the chefs expected at the GTBank food & Drink fair in "MeetTheChefs"(Photos)

We're going to have two public holidays on the 1st and 2nd of May...Woohooo!!!!! Where are you all going to be?. Come May 1st and 2nd, Lagosians will be treated to the finest of Nigerian and intercontinental cuisine as all roads lead to Oniru, Victoria Island. 
The event which is designed to showcase Nigeria’s emerging food industry as well as offer a wide variety of cuisines, will be headlined by two critically acclaimed international chefs - Marcus Samuelsson and Raphael Duntoye. Ethiopian born and Swedish raised, Samuelsson is a James Beard award-winning chef, New York Times best-selling author, and a judge for the highly rated TV show, Chopped. While Nigerian born Duntoye is the chef patron and owner of Le Petite Maison in London, Dubai and Miami.
The GTB Food & Drink Fair will also feature a series of cooking Master Classes covering the latest culinary trends. With that said, here are leading chefs you should expect at the GTB Food & Drink Fair..........

Monday, 25 April 2016

How to make mixed vegetable soup

Recently, there has been quite a whole lot going on behind the scenes here at Dobby's signature - a few tweaks here and there is being put in to bring you the best. Currently, i even feel like i've neglected myself so much but i guess that's expected especially when you work overtime on pet projects...lol! If you've got questions on recipes posted on the blog, be sure to leave them in the comment section and i'd get back to you as soon as possible. Hope you've also subscribed to the blog by putting in your email below so you don't miss out on updates coming up. With that aside, i've got this tasty mixed vegetable soup recipe for you today. Now this isn't the average Nigerian soup which is taken with swallow but a sauce like meal often served as a first course, starter or entrée before a main meal. It may be also be accompanied by soft bread to go along with it. This tasty milky vegetable soup would have you salivating for a very long time to come. Hope you enjoy!