February 23, 2018

Chop N Chat By Pop Up Africa

It's just under a week to go until the 'Chop n Chat' a series of food related panels and workshops is held as part of #smwlagos2018. 

February 18, 2018

February 13, 2018

Piper Guineense - Ashanti pepper Guinea pepper Mpuru Uziza

The Piper Guineense plant is a specie of "piper", a group of edible pepper plants & a close relative of black pepper. In the culinary world, products from the plant such as the fruits & leaves are used as spice and vegetable respectively and they are known mainly due to their pungent spicy flavor .

February 08, 2018

Peppered Onion Snail

peppered snail
I'm in love with snail, especially when it's prepared with lots of pepper. Add onion to the mix and i'll fall had over heels over and over again. Looking for a highly proteinous source of food? Snail has got it. There are quite a number of snail farms around but not enough and this is one of the reasons why this tasty shelled molluscs are highly priced. 

January 30, 2018

How to make Strawberry Jam - with no pectin

So i got this pack of strawberries and i couldn't think of a better thing to do with it other than making a fruity spread so it wouldn't go to waste due to the fact that the shelf life of the fruit is really nothing to write home about except when frozen. Although strawberries are rarely grown in the country, a few people have taken it upon themselves to fill the need which is definitely a great relief.

January 24, 2018

How to Extract Palm Oil From Red Palm Fruit

In most Nigerian homes, there's one common ingredient you'll likely find and that ingredient is palm oil. It's a rich edible vegetable oil gotten from the palm fruit. 

January 15, 2018

Ham & Macaroni Salad Recipe

It feels like a salad kinda day don't you think? If you haven't noticed, i'm a salad person any day anytime. i love having salads alone, with rice dishes, moi moi dishes or even alone.

January 10, 2018

Chicken Yassa - How to make Poulet Yassa

Chicken Yassa is an African dish with its roots from the Casamance region of Senegal. It's basically a flavorful chicken marinated in onion, lemon and spices then grilled or fried and later cooked with lots of onion.

January 03, 2018

Fish Roll Recipe - Nigerian deep fried fish snack

If you haven't tried "homemade" fish roll before, let me tell you right now, it is absolutely delicious! If you noticed, the emphasis was on the "homemade" meaning nothing beats the homemade version. The amount of fish, more like a spec they put in the store bought version could make even a grown adult cry. I wish they could rename those to "fish flavored rolls" instead of fish rolls...lol! As with most snacks, it's more about the seasoning and flavors and best of all the amount of fish within. 

December 31, 2017

Reader favorites of 2017

Can't believe the year has run it's course already 😓, jeez! it went so fast. Well as usual, It's that time of the year again where we get to reminisce on your favorite posts of the year.

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