Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Emeka Carter Weds Onyinye Chukwuma (Photos + Food on street foodie waka)

Just a few days ago Emeka Onwugbenu, son of Louis Carter Group Chairman, Chief Izuchukwu Onwugbenu and Onyinye Chukwuma, daughter of Chief Innocent Chukwuma, Innoson group of companies chairman got married and i still can't help but gush about everything from the Beautiful decor to the well dressed guests and Yes! The Mouthwatering Foodddddd!!!!!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Ofe Ukazi/ Okazi Soup (Afang Soup)

Yesterday, i came back from the market with my freshly brought periwinkles. For a moment, i thought they were all dead till i came back to the kitchen to find them everywhere on the kitchen walls. The actual thought that the main ingredient for my Okazi soup was crawling away sent shivers down my spine. It took me almost an hour to get every single one that crept away back in place. From that moment, i vowed never to leave periwinkles by themselves Unguarded (Kitchen Tip no!).
Ofe Ukazi "Igbo" or Afang Soup "Efik" is a tasty Nigerian soup which is quite popular in the Eastern & south eastern (Cross river....Akwa ibom) parts of Nigeria. The major ingredient which the name of the soup was coined from is the wild spinach leaf (Ukazi/Afang leaf) "Gnetum Africanum" (View full list of Nigerian leafy vegetables here). It's got a tough (hard) papery glossy texture and is tasteless without any distinctive smell until cooked. Due to it's tough texture, its usually sold pre-sliced in the Nigerian market by the vendors.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Jollof spaghetti Recipe

Jollof spaghetti is a meal close to my heart. i love it to bits not just because it's tasty but also because it's easy to make. This meal always pops into my head whenever i don't want to spend long hours in the kitchen. The name jollof spaghetti was coined from the popular Nigerian jollof rice since it's prepared in a similar way. It could be prepared plain without the additional ingredients listed below but as a Carnivore i actually enjoy mine with anything meat or fish related. If you've got your homemade stock, you could use that in place of water. For this meal, you could also use tinned tomato paste to make it faster or make your own paste from scratch as i did in the recipe below.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Domino’s Pizza & Cold Stone Creamery opens in Festac & Lekki with New Menu

Hello Blog Fam! How una dey? I've got great news for good and delicious food lovers. Eat N Go Africa , the operators of Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery in Nigeria is proud to announce the launch of a New menu in Domino’s Pizza and the addition of two new babies to the family: the first is located at Agungi Road Lekki 2 while the second can be found on 1st Avenue, FESTAC town.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Beans Porridge

Beans porridge is a simple one pot meal enjoyed by most people. While growing up, beans was one of my favorite meals especially the soupy porridge type as shown in this recipe. Back then, i ate it so much cos my dad always told my brothers and i that to be as tall as he was we had to eat lots and lots of beans. Currently, at 5 ft something i'm not what you might call! Don't know where i went wrong with my consumption but i guess that theory doesn't work for everyone.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Shortbread Biscuit (The Original)

I know i've said this countless times but i doubt if i'd ever get tired of saying baking is one of my major hobbies. Apart from cakes, i love making biscuits too. One of my favorite biscuits is the scottish shortbread. It tastes so good yet so easy to make at home. The ingredients for this all butter biscuit is simply basic but the end result is one you wouldn't forget in a hurry.
For most of my home baking, i use mostly butter which could be quite expensive although worth every penny but when butter is not available i end up using margarine which doesn't give me the desired flavor and taste i need.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to make Nkwobi

So I have this uncle who runs a pub popularly known as Beer parlor here in Nigeria. Classy???....errrmmm, i wouldn't say but such establishments surprisingly tend to reel in the men like bees to honey. On my recent visit to his beer parlor, i couldn't help but notice that one of the meals he serves up quickly is Nkwobi. If he prepares a full gigantic pot of this meal, it gets finished within few hours. And to think it doesn't come cheap baffles me. A plate in an average restaurant like his ranges between 600-1500 Naira and for a typical Igbo man, this is good business. What makes this dish irresistible is the sauce which could be really addictive.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Ofe akwu (Palm nut soup)

I learnt how to prepare ofe akwu from one of my closest and dearest friends. As a typical Igbo family with core traditional values, it wasn't unusual to hear the thumping sounds of mortar and pestle pounding away the flesh of the Akwu every Sunday afternoon in her family house. During my uni days whenever there was a short break, i remember travelling all the way from Enugu state where my school was located down to her house in Anambra state to spend the weekend just so i could enjoy this native dish with white rice which was usually well prepared from scratch. This is definitely one of the tastiest igbo soups i've come across and a favorite among many.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ugba Sauce (Ukpaka sauce)

I'm a food blogger and a professional dreamer, sometimes an artist but mostly a scientist. When the mood is right i get inspired to prepare a not too regular but traditional meal and whenever this happens, it tends to lift the spirits of those around which makes me glad every single time. Today i'd be going all traditional and since we're in a festive mood 'thanks to the holidays', i'd be sharing with you one of my secret recipes which was passed through generations down to my momma and then me.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Nigerian Egg roll

So i woke up this morning to find out we had run out of bread (The usual Saturday breakfast). The bakery close to where i stay don't open shop early and where the bread vendors sell their wares is a long walk from home. To get breakfast ready and on time, i had to make egg rolls since most of the basic ingredients were readily available in the kitchen. Fast forward few hours later, i was done with breakfast and the whole family enjoyed it as well.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Yamarita "Dun Dun Oniyeri" (egg coated yam)

What happens when Rita fries yam dipped in whisked eggs? Yep! you guessed right....."Yamarita" is what! i still wonder how this name was coined but i must admit, it does sound catchy. Most times, i often remember to make Yamarita whenever i want to recycle leftover boiled yam from the previous days meal. Yamarita is a meal made from boiled yam dipped in whisked egg and then fried till golden brown. Most fast foods usually serve up hot Yamaritas on daily basis and i do see how people gush about it. Yamarita is often served with any Hot dipping sauce or stew. It's also easy to make and straight forward as i'm about to show you in this quick tutorial....

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Peppered Crayfish Noodles

It's no longer news that noodles comes in handy everytime with both kids and adults especially during rush hours. With different methods of preparation, noodles could be termed a versatile dish. One of my favorite noodle recipes is the peppered crayfish noodles which slightly different from the basic noodle recipe you are used to. it's easy to make and takes less than 10 mins to prepare. View the recipe below.....

Monday, 14 July 2014

Nigerian Suya + Suya Spice Recipe

Nigerian Beef Suya is a popular street delicacy enjoyed by everyone. To describe it in layman's terms, it is simply barbecued skewered meat prepared with a special spice known as suya spice. Originally from the Northern part of Nigeria, "Suya" has now been adopted as a main staple across Nigeria. The secret to this popular meal has a lot to do with the specially prepared spice which is usually coated around the meat before roasting on the barbecue grill. Suya spice is made from a mixture of different ingredients which includes pepper, groundnuts and a host of others. During my street foodie waka through the North, i also noticed to my amazement that it's sometimes prepared in open flame as shown in the pictures. i had never seen it done in open flame before that day and my curiosity got the better part of me. Though i couldn't speak Hausa language, i was able to get the ingredients from the "mai suya" by going through the Hausa-English conversion Language book i was given at the camp :D. It could be made with beef, chicken, ram or Inner parts such as kidney, liver and tripe (Sharki).

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hausa Masa Recipe (Rice puff puff)

Hausa masa is a very popular snack in the northern part of Nigeria. As early as 7am, the vendor always had hot balls of masa ready for hungry customers. As I watched from the side, I couldn't help but marvel at her level of expertise. Masa reminds me of puff puff though the batter is made slightly watery unlike puff puff batter and not as sweet as puff puff. It's prepared in such a way that, as you are removing a batch from the pan you are also adding a new set into the pan due to the uncontrollable heat from the firewood burner. The rice usually used for this meal is the type used for tuwo known locally as sinasir (very white in color with broken rice particles, sold mostly by Hausa vendors, soaks up water when cooked). From my perspective, it requires some level of skill to achieve.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hausa Koko and Kose (Akara & millet pap/porridge)

On this particular day, the kitchen meal on camp was Koko and kose. At first , everyone rushed in line to take the morning meal after the exhausting drills but after taking a bite from the dry kose from the kitchen, the rest of the batch was history as most people simply dumped theirs in the trash can and headed straight to the mami market for "professionally" prepared koko and kose (Ain't nobody got time for badly prepared meal). On Camp, "Buka"/ "mama put" mentality reigns supreme there's no doubt about that. When you're being trained as semi soldiers, adapting to the environment is key to! 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Danwake (Bean flour Dumplings)

I got inspired to do this post when i saw the homemade version of danwake by Afrolems. On the streets where it's sold in the north, you could get a plate of this dish for as low as 50naira. Danwake is a meal made from cooked balls of dough made from bean flour and kuka powder (ground baobab leaves). Originally from Niger, Danwake has now been adopted as a main staple across the northern part of Nigeria. This meal is rich in protein,vitamin c as well as other nutritional elements such as alpha and beta carotene, potassium, calcium, glutamic acid, mucilage just to name a few.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Fura Da Nono drink recipe

Before heading to the North, i could swear i had never seen a cow being milked talk less of actually drinking real cow milk. You should have seen the excitement on my face when i was about taking "Real Cow Milk" not Processed liquid/powdered milk for the very first was priceless!!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

NYSC Camp Experience (Photos): Eating my way through Northern Nigeria on street foodie waka

As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher and nothing prepares you for the unknown as much as the NYSC does. I remember the day i got my Call up letter like it was yesterday. We had all gathered in front of the faculty officers office awaiting our turns to get called in for our Posting letters.

Friday, 20 June 2014

How to make Doughnuts "Nigerian Donut recipe"

On my way back home from the east recently, i got to eat one of the oiliest, sugarless, driest doughnuts ever. And to think they called it jam doughnut without putting jam in the middle (Scamm!!!!) even made matters worse especially since i thought there'd actually be a compensation for making us wait so long before boarding. Before leaving for the trip that morning, i left my belly empty hoping to fill it half way through the journey with something palatable. This is one of the reasons why i find it hard trusting anything till it's been tried and tested......If it doesn't look good, it doesn't taste good :| .

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ginger Tea + Ginger Chocolate Tea

Ginger is known to have lots of health benefits as documented below. One of the various ways of benefiting from the wondrous root is by taking it in as tea. Most times, i take my ginger tea with any powdered chocolate beverage i find around. Ginger tea has a spicy invigorating taste which is really soothing. Here are two easy recipes for you to try.