September 12, 2012

How to extract Palm fruit oil (Aku/ banga)

To make certain types of Native soups such as ofe aku, banga soup, atama soup, the knowledge of extracting palm fruit oil (oil palm)has to be employed. Being a Lazy city girl *Coughs* I usually try to skip this very important step in cooking by taking the shortcut (Using Palm oil) when cooking soups like ora, utazi e.t.c (Can't do that for banga though :) ) which makes the soup taste less like its “original” counterpart. But when I’m in my home town, I really can’t escape this step because everything has to be done in due process. 
 Palm fruit oil(Aku/banga) is quite different from palmoil due to its extraction process. Also, palm kernel oil is different from Palm oil. Palm oil is pure oil extracted from palm fruit pulp at high temperature while the palm fruit oil extract used for certain soups like Aku/Banga,Uziza and oha is extracted at very low temperature and is a mixture of water and oil. The palm fruit oil extracted at low temperatures contains less saturated fat than palmoil. After the processing of the fresh kernel fruit to yield palm oil, the shelled palm nut which is left is then cracked to yield the palm kernel nut which is crushed and processed into palm kernel oil which is used in the production of vegetable oils, soaps, creams and candles.

*Wash the palm kernels, place them in a pot and boil for about 30mins till the husk is tender

*Pour the Boiled kernels into a morter (without the water used in boiling) and pound till the husk comes off the nut seed within (Aki)

*Scoop the pounded kernels into a bowl and add some warm water

*Gently squeeze out the palm fruit oil from the kernels .

* Using a sieve, filter the palm fruit oil with clean water into a pot. 

(After the palm fruit oil extraction, the palm kernel nuts can be kept and processed to yield palm kernel oil)

*Boil till most of the water used in filtering evaporates leaving the palm oil in the pot

* This can now be used for soups like Banga (Ofe aku), Ofe Utazi (Utazi soup), Ofe oha(Ora soup) and so much more….

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  1. I am a Ghanaian myself and it certainly appears we all have something in common.

    1. We sure do cudjoe:)..Thanks!

  2. Nice work, makes cooking look so interesting though it's one of my fave hobbies

  3. Interesting post; Keep it up dobby!


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