Thursday, 6 December 2012

Broth Vs Stock

Chicken stock

For quite a while, I just assumed that Stock and Broth were actually the same thing (Silly me). Infact, I thought it was an interchangeable term used for the same thing. It turns out there’s a slight but significant difference between the two.

Broth is simply the liquid extract gotten from cooking meat (Without Bones) with vegetables, spices, and other ingredients. It is usually used as a base for soups and stews.

Stock on the other hand is the liquid extract gotten from cooking meat (With bones…..lots of it) with vegetables, spices and other ingredients. As a result, the collagen extracted from the bone marrow and connective tissues of the chicken or beef bones would give it a better flavor and taste.
Sometimes when I want to make a really rich chicken or beef stock, I roast the bones in the oven before the preparation to give it a deeper and nicer flavor. To help distinguish between the two, always remember that a chilled stock will have a jello-like semi solid consistency due to the collagen extract from the bones. 

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    1. lolz!!! so sorry anon...Had to take a long break due to some issues with my laptop buh i'm back now :D. Thanks for checking up on me...mmuuaahh.

  2. interesting. i always mistook the two terms. I like your blog and your presentation. following now...

    1. Thanks Stelzz!! Now following too.. :)

  3. Loving this blog, can't wait to start cooking from your recipes!

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