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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nigerian Fried Rice

Happy Independence Work free day!!! Woo hoooo!!!!!. I'm so excited cos i'd get to eat and sleep to my satisfaction all day looooonnngggg!!! *Dancing* :D :D :D. I dunno why i get over excited on work free days like!. Now, one good way to enjoy the holiday is to give your family a simply irresistible treat with homemade fried rice. The Nigerian fried rice is a delicious meal which is quite popular with kids and adults. It's also likely to come top on the list of foods loved by Nigerians. No Birthday, Wedding, Event, Ceremony is complete without fried rice which makes it a favorite go-to meal for special occasions. With the colorful veggies in the rice, i'd have to say it's highly nutritious. Fried rice can be served with Salad, Chicken, Fish, Moi Moi.

Nigerian Fried rice recipe:
•Total time: 
Over an Hour
•Serves:      8

• 3 cups White Rice
• 2 cups Liquid Stock (Boiled meat water) i.e. Turkey stock, Beef Stock or Chicken stock
• 2 tbsp. Curry Powder (For Colour)
Salt to taste 
• 4 cloves Garlic,minced
• 8 tbsp. Vegetable oil 
• 3 medium sized Carrots 
• 2 large Green Capsicum (Green bell pepper) 
• 1 cup Green Peas
• 2 bulbs Red Onion
• A handful Green Beans 
• 200g Cow Liver

Preparation of the liver

Wash the liver thoroughly with water and dice. Place the diced liver in a small pot, season with salt and steam for 10 minutes. Turn off the burner and set aside.

Preparation of the vegetables

Step 1:
Scrape the back of the carrots, Wash and dice.

Step 2: Remove the seeds from the green bell pepper, Wash and dice. 

Step 3: Wash and dice the runner beans. 

Step 4: Wash and steam the green peas with a little salt to taste. 

Step 5: Wash and chop the Onions.
Set the veggies aside. 

Preparation of the Curried rice

Step 1: Parboil the rice in water for about 10mins. Cooking for this short period of time ensures it doesn't get too soft before the real curried rice preparation as well as removes some of the starch to prevent it from sticking together. Wash and rinse with clean cold water. 

Step 2: Place the washed rice in a pot and add the Stock (I used turkey stock for this). Add some water, Curry powder (For color and taste), Seasoning cubes, Salt to taste and minced garlic. Cover the pot and leave to cook till the liquid in the pot dries up leaving the softened (But not too soft) rice .

The Fried Rice Preparation 

Fried rice is usually done in batches (if you want to go the Authentic way) so you’d have to divide the veggies, rice and liver into 4 batches (let’s call it batch 1,2,3,4)

Step 1: Heat two tbsp. of vegetable oil in a large pan.

Step 2: Add the batch 1 veggies (carrot, green pepper, peas, runner beans, onions) and stir-fry for about 1 minute. Add the liver (Batch 1) and stir-fry for 2mins. Add the rice (Batch 1) and stir to incorporate the mixture, leave for 1 minute before turning out into a pot.

Repeat the process above till the whole batch is used up

P.S: If you do not want to go through the stress, Simply Stir-fry all the veggies and liver in a pan, Add it to the curried rice and mix to incorporate. Leave to heat further on low heat before turning off the burner.

Serve hot!

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  1. Thanks dobby. sure going to make this today.

    1. Thank you kadi, do let us know how it goes

  2. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Well done dobby,
    Very nice, will definitely prepare this soon.

    1. Thanks Anon. Do let us know how it goes.

  3. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Really nice, I like....

  4. This is my favorite meal. And i love ur blog though i dont comment i never miss a day without checking ur blog.

    1. yaaayyyy!!!! Thanks Rosalyn. I'm glad do stop by :)

  5. Awww! Welldone my sugar penene! :-PI've missed u(ur blog)greatly, been so busy. Will try out your method using the batches. Thanks

    1. I've missed you too temi. Where have you been? No more disappearing acts again aii' :D

  6. Am definitely tryng ds out ds week.tnx so much

    1. Thank you too swetnez. do let us know how it goes.

  7. I've been getting lots of mails to upload a jollof rice recipe and since I've not had time to take pictures yet, I decided to put up a recipe first here
    On How to make nigerian jollof rice.

    Nigerian jollof rice recipe.
    10 Plum Tomatoes
    5 Tatashey(Red bell pepper) or 10 Shombo(chili pepper)(you can mix both for better result and colour)
    5 Scotch bonnet/hanabero pepper(atarodo)
    2 Onion
    1/2 Ginger
    4 Bay leaves 'whole'
    Salt to taste

    Step 1: preparation of the stock
    If you are using beef/chicken/turkey,wash and place in a pot. Season with crushed seasoning cubes, salt, curry, thyme and ground/minced ginger,chopped onion and garlic. Boil till tender. Remove the meat from the stock and fry in a seperate pan.
    Set the stock aside separately and the oil used in frying separately. You'd need those later.

    Preparation of the parboiled rice
    Step 2: wash the rice thoroughly and place in a pot. Add enough water just enough to cover the rice and par boil for 10mins. Wash the parboiled rice with cold water, drain and set aside.

    Better still, you can soak the rice in hot water for some minutes, rinse with clean water, drain and set aside.

    Preparation of the tomapep puree
    Step 3: Remove the seeds from the tatashey and wash well. Wash the shombo, ata rodo and second onion well too. Blend everything to a smooth puree.

    Step 4: Place the Blended puree in an empty pot and boil till there's no water left leaving just the concentrated puree in the pot.

    Preparation of the Jollof rice
    Step 5: add the Oil used in frying the meat into the tomato puree and use it to fry the tomato puree while stirring constantly so it doesn't get burnt for about 5 mins.

    Step 6: Pour the stock (meat water) into the fried puree and mix. Add few more bay leaves, check for salt and check if the seasoning from the stock is enough, if not add the necessary ingredients needed.

    Step 7: Gently add the parboiled rice into the puree and stock mixture....Don't turn with a metal spoon so it doesn't start burning before its done. Get a wooden spatula ready for this purpose.

    Step 8: leave the jollof to cook and soften and once you notice the liquid in the pot has almost dried up, check if the rice is soft enough without turning. If its not soft enough, add some more water and leave to dry up once more till its completely soft. Now you can turn with a wooden or metal spoon as the chances of the rice burning would be minimal now.

    Your rice is ready...Serve.

    1. Anonymous12:22 am

      Nice,please when will u upload pic 4d jollof rice? Nd dnt u use tin tomatoes?

  8. Anonymous12:23 am

    Please how can I make my fried meat or turkey very tasty?

    1. To make it tasty, you have to Marinate, Season and Steam well before frying. Do check out my recipes on ; Homemade Turkey Stock:
      Chicken stock:
      Beef stock:

  9. I prepared fried rice today.... Was superb. Made a few modifications tho... Added sweetcorn, red pepper. Thanks again... U Dah best

    1. i'm glad it turned out nice :)....Thanks for the feedback Abolaji.

  10. Anonymous5:34 am

    Well done dobby!
    U're really doing a great job. Plsz I'll like u to post a recipes on Chinese rice + Chinese sauce we usually ate @ party, our locally made brown rice mostly sold @ market place & also how to make suya @ home!
    Tanx! #bolaji

    1. Thank you bolaji :). would work on the dishes mentioned.

  11. Anonymous10:48 am

    hi dobby, pls i want to know what type of curry u use for ur fried rice, like whats the name of the curry, if u have a picture pls can i see it. cos there are several types of curry now in the market

    1. There are several brand to choose from and most of them are good. i use supreme, Nora and a host of others.

  12. hello Dobby...pls how can i make my rice standout when making jollof rice? it appears unattractive sometimes when i am done cooking.

    1. To get the perfect Jollof rice, Use this method: How to make Nigerian party jollof rice

  13. Hi dobby, I was wondering what kind of cups and spoons you used for your measurements. i'm based in the US, and this is the kind of measuring cup that I use for cooking.

    Back in Nigeria we use to use a peak milk tin can to measure as 1 cup, and regular spoon to measure 1 table spoon, and I was wondering if that's what you use too



    1. Hi chia, Most times i use the normal cup and sometimes (when baking) i use the Milk cup. Though when i use the milk cup, i make sure it's stated. For the spoon measurements, before This post
      i use the regular spoon but in the coming posts, the standard spoons and cups would be used to avoid further confusion :)

  14. Pls dear,my fried rice never comes out well,ever,dont really know what am missing but will try this your recipe' those fried rice seasoning can I use dem?

    1. Yes you can Jede. The prepacked seasonings usually contain a blend of spices needed for fried rice.

  15. Janny5:50 pm

    Dis is superb...i really love ur blog though its my first time to comment am gonna try out baking the cake without oven . u really doing great job.

  16. Great post. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Catering Services in West Mambalam

  17. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Best nigerian fried rice recipe. Making it again tomorrow with a few tweaks.

    1. Thanks Anon. Do keep us posted k

  18. Davida7:34 am

    Excellent article but I've read that here.

  19. thanks dobby love, your blog always motivate me. pls dobby i want to try out this recipe but i want to add butter or margarine to the oil and i also want to add coconut milk. i name it coconut fried rice. do you think it will turn out well? thanks

    1. Sure it definitely will :)


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