October 30, 2015

Tsamiya (Tamarind) Juice - How to make tamarind juice

Tsamiya juice is a popular drink in the Northern part of Nigeria. It is made with Tamarind, a fruit which is very similar to the tasty black velvet tamarind snack known locally as licky licky. Some recipes call for tamarind juice to be used as a flavor enhancer while in other cases, tamarind juice can be drunk as a laxative and cleanser. It's really popular with the Northerners here in Nigeria.
Outside Nigeria, it's used in most Asian, Latino, Caribbean, Thai and Malaysian cuisines. Today's recipe was adopted from "UmmiBee" a lovely reader who loves food as well. According to UmmiBee ; 
"I use tsamiiya to make Kunun tsamiya (Tamarind Pap) it's one of the best Kunus ever and it is served warm. Then I also make tamarind juice with water and sugar or honey. That's an amazing laxative and cleanser. I also use it when I'm working on Thai or Malay cuisines. For tamarind juice I use 80 grams of tamarind in 2 L of boiling water. Simmer together for 20 minutes, then sweeten with honey or sugar to taste. Serve chilled. That's it. I find it best to serve when cold. Warm tamarind will have a worse laxative effect. But cold tamarind will still cleanse you but won't cause diarrhea." - UmmiBee Loves Food
• 80g Tsamiya (Tamarind)
• 2 liters Water
• Sugar or Honey to taste

Step 1: In a kettle, bring the water to a boil. Remove the brown shell from the tamarind to expose the pulp and place the tamarind pulp in a heatproof mixing bowl. Pour boiling water over the tamarind, cover and allow to sit for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you could place the tamarind in a pot, add the water and boil for 20 minutes. Leave to cool completely then work into the pulp with your hand to separate seeds from the pulp. Once done, strain with a strainer.

Step 2: Dilute the juice with more water and add sugar or honey to taste. Refrigerate and serve chilled.For a different variation, you can add cinnamon, vanilla or grated ginger to enhance the taste.

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  1. Dobby's you have come again with another mind blowing drink that isn't common among many. I wanted to know if you meant vanilla essence can also be used and what about date puree instead of sugar as it is natural. Thanks and may you continue to give us more IJN. Amen

    1. Hi Nina,
      Thanks for bringing that to my notice. Yes i meant vanilla essence and yes you can use date puree instead of sugar.

  2. Madam, please what is the local name for this tamarind and can I get it in black market or supermarket?

    1. Hello Henny,
      it is known as "Tsamiya" in hausa language. It's sold mostly in the local market by hausa vendors that sell kuka and spices.

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaay!! Yaaaaaay!! Woop! Woop! Thanks for the mention Dobstar! Your tamarind juice looks soo refreshing! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for the love!

    1. I sure did ummibee. Thanks for the recipe :)

  4. Hi........tanq for sharing this information to make tamarind juice.It's really good taste

  5. Dreeze Academy11/04/2015 7:24 am

    Great. Would love to have a taste.

  6. The process is surprisingly easy. Will definitely give it a try. Also the pictures are stunning!

  7. is the same as 'adoyo' drink that used to be iced and sold in calabashes when we were much younger. I hope i got the name right sef?

    1. Hi Adun, Adoyo is different from tsamiya. it is a yellowish local drink made from ripe pineapple juice and supplement derived from ogi. it's used as a cure for Malaria.

  8. tasted the kunu tsamiya pap early 1992 and FELL IN LOVE..
    still in love.. hehe


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