Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How to whip cream from scratch

Whipped cream is a fairly thick edible cream that becomes thick and fluffy after it is stirred or beaten very quickly. It can be sweetened & used as a topping for drinks and just like butter cream, it can also be used as a frosting for cakes & desserts. The butter fat content of whipping cream allows it it whip and is what gives it that great taste and texture.
There are several types of whipping cream in the market such as; (1) Already whipped cream (mostly non-diary and already sweetened) sold in aerosol cans which you can squirt into your mouth or directly onto whatever you want to decorate 

(2) Non-Diary whipping creams which may contain 0.5% or less milk by weight, in the form of casein / caseinates (milk protein) and (3) Organic whipping creams i.e heavy cream, light cream, half and half e.t.c. When using organic whipping cream, just keep in mind that the color won't be as white, creamy or smooth as ultra-pasteurized, conventional cream. It usually has a grainy feel and creamy color but it tastes far better that others.
Whipped cream made with "Danica Non-Dairy Whipping cream". 
Things you'll need:::
 Electric/ Manual Wire Whisk
• Mixing Bowl


• 1 cup Whipping cream 
• 1 tbsp. Flavor essence i.e Vanilla
• 1-2 tbsp. Sugar (If the cream is unsweetened)

Step 1: Before you start whipping, it’s preferable to start with popping the whipping cream in the refrigerator to chill first. This is because the fat globules emulsify faster and stay emulsified longer when cold. For an even more efficient whipping, pop the mixing bowl, whisk attachments into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes before starting. Once chilled, pour the whipping cream into a bowl

Whipped cream made with "olden burger whipping cream". Can you see the colour?

Step 2: If you're using an electric mixer, start with medium speed before speeding up once it starts to get foamy to prevent splattering. If using a whisk, beat the cream quickly till it starts to get foamy. Once it thickens and soft peaks start to form, you can add sugar (1 or 2 tablespoons) and any flavor you want to use then beat again until soft peaks form.  If you continue whipping for about 9-10 minutes, the over beaten cream will stiffen and if you whip beyond this stage, you'll end up with butter(if using organic cream). 

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  1. grace6:37 pm

    Happy New year To a wonderful Dobby....thanks for this post,please where can I get whipped cream and pls gimme an idea of the price

    1. Happy new year grace. You can get whipped cream from any large supermarket or mall in the fridge section. Starting price should be from N1200.

  2. I de wait. Weldone

  3. Hi Dobby, thanks for the tips, its really awesome. Am gonna try this

    1. Do keep us posted gift

  4. dumskibeautyworld7:42 am

    Wow am so trying this at home

    1. Do let us know how it goes

  5. Waow I'm really impressed.

  6. Hi dobby, thank you for this post. The whipped cream I have at home is in powder form, please how do I go about mixing/whipping it?

    1. Just mix it with chilled water and whip.

  7. Hi dobby, is there a substitute for whipping cream or recipe to make it from scratch? Thanjs


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