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Edikaikong Soup

Edikaikong soup is one of the richest vegetable soups in Nigeria filled with lots of vitamins and nutrients. A friend of mine from Cross river State recently thought me how to make this mouthwatering delicacy and i enjoyed every bit of it. Hope you like :D
Serves:      6
•Meal type: Main course
•Region:     Nigeria

• 650g Waterleaves (Ceylon spinach), Chopped 
•1 cooking spoon Crayfish, Ground
•2 Dry fish (optional) 
•1 large Red onion, diced 
•1 Medium stock fish head 
• 2 medium cups of periwinkles (with or without shell) 
• 4 Cooking Spoon Palmoil
Salt to taste


1. Wash the Pumpkin (ugwu) and Water leaves; Leave them to drain separately then set aside as these would go in last.

2. Place the Beef, Dry fish , Stock fish , Kpomo/ Sharki, Into a medium sized pot. Add the Scotch bonnet pepper , diced onion, 1/2 litre of water(You can add more water intermittently if needed) , salt and seasoning then cook till the meat becomes tender and until most liquid in the pot evaporates. This is to ensure our stock is concentrated because, water leaves once added into the pot brings out so much water which is just enough for the soup (Infact! Water is forbidden). 

3. Add the periwinkles, Crayfish & palm oil into the concentrated stock and leave to cook for about 3mins.

4. Once the Stock is done, Add the Water leaves then incorporate with the stock mixture. Add the Pumpkin leaves (ugwu) ; stir and leave to cook for about 5mins without covering the pot.

5. Turn off the burner and Serve with any form of swallow.


  1. Hi Dobby, you didn't indicate where to add d pepper. I need to know where

    1. Check number 2 procedure, she said "add scotch bonnet pepper"

  2. Sincerely I can actually taste it from here...

  3. What a delicious meal, i can perceive the aroma from here.

  4. I've noticed u don't say d seasoning cubes 2 use. It's often better 2 say cos every seasoning has its different taste, some seasoning cubes don't go with some meals. Pls help correct that

    1. hi Ada,
      There are several good seasoning cubes in the market and naming some without naming the others would mean endorsing certain brands and leaving out the others. That's the major reason why i don't name brands in posts.

    2. Dob cooks and blog for a living. She can't endorse a brand just like that. If she does that, she will be giving them free advertisement

  5. Hi Doby, wonderful job! Pls I want to find out, I'm in d US, can I use waterleaf and spinach too?

    1. Hi Rayna, yes you can substitute spinach leaf for waterleaf if you live outside Africa, and can not get waterleaf for your edikaikong soup.

  6. Hello,great job! isn't it necessary to add achi or ofor to the soup?

  7. Hey Dobby. I was wondering if it's absolutely necessary to use water leaf. Isn't it better to use less water leaf considering it's tendency to release a lot of water?

    1. Yes it's necessary to use waterleaf. The secret to getting the perfect Edikaikong is to make the soup stock concentrated (with little or no water left in the pot). That way, when you add the waterleaf it balances a everything out. Also, once you add waterleaf don't cover the pot anymore.


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