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Palm oil Rice with erobelebele nti (Black fungus)*wink*

•2 Cups Rice, Parboiled
•1 cooking spoon Palm oil 
• 1 Red bell pepper (Tatashey)
• 2 chili pepper
• 1 Red Onion
•2 Seasoning Cubes 
•Salt to taste

Preparation of the pepper puree
Step 1 : Thoroughly Wash the scotch bonnets (Ata rodo), Tatashey (Remove the seeds cos it’s usually bitter), Chillies, Red onion. 

Step 2: Place in a grinding machine and blend. Pour the blend in a small pot and cook till there’s no water left. Turn off the burner.

Preparation of the palm oil rice
Step 1: Heat the palmoil in the pot for about 3 minutes 

Step 2: Add the mushroom(Black fungus), and Stir fry for about two mins. Add the pepper blend into the pot and fry for 3minutes. 

Step 3: Add the parboiled rice and mix together. Pour some water into the pot, just enough to cover the rice and leave for about 15minutes till the water in the pot dries up.

Step 4: Turn off the burner and serve.

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  1. Nyc one. Can one add crayfish and scent leaves?


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