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Soy Marsh Tea

One of my favourite teas is the soya bean tea. I love taking it especially before a warm bath. The best part is when I get to the bottom of the cup to scoop the residue that must have settled there.....yum..yum.

• Serves:      1
Prep time: 3 minutes
• Region:     Nigeria, Worldwide
• Misc:          Serve Hot

2 tbsp.Soya bean flour
2 tbsps.Cream/ milk
1 tsp. Sugar
1 cup Hot water

1. Add the soya bean flour into a tea cup

2. Add Cream, Sugar and hot water then stir

3.Top up with the marshmallows and the drink is ready
Yep! that's the best part

This tasty drink which is made from soya bean flour is rich in protein. The soya protein aids in lowering cholesterol LDL(Low density lipoproteins) which is commonly categorised as 'bad' cholesterol. The beans contain significant amounts of phytochemicals which prevents blood clotting from taking place. It also aids in protecting the heart against oxidation. As far as the soy bean nutritional value is concerned, soybean(US) serves as an excellent source of essential fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, lecithin, riboflavin, thiamin, fiber, folate (folic acid), iron, alpha-linolenic acid, and isoflavones.
The Isoflavones have positive effects on cholesterol, bone density, menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as preventing the risk of developing certain cancers. Genistein, an isoflavone in soybean, protects the body from the clutches of plague disease. It is thought to be a wonder food by the Chinese who believe it can cure kidney disease, water retention, common colds, anaemia, high blood pressure, constipation,Heat symptoms. And those with leg ulcers.
To promote a healthy heart and reduce cholesterol it is necessary to consume three portions of a Soya based food each day. A moderate consumption of about 25g is recommended daily as part of a low-fat diet.
Please do tell me your views on Soya and this drink in general. Also, your suggestions and comments would be highly Appreciated.........Thanks!

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  1. i do love soy tea....my mum used to make it for my siblings and i when we were little :)

  2. Nice Post! But why do you have so many colours?????????

  3. What's Marshmallows

  4. Where do u get soy bean flour


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