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Protein Avocado Hair Treatment (Homemade avocado and egg hair mask)

I think we all know by now that sometimes, your hair needs extra protein. This is because your hair is made by keratin (a protein). It is especially important when you have chemically treated hair, which means you have dyed, bleached, relaxed your hair etc. The reason this homemade hair mask gives your hair protein is because of the egg.
I want to share an easy DIY protein hair mask with you :)
I put in: Coconut Oil, Honey, 1 Avocado, 1 egg, Sweet Orange Oil & Shea Butter
Put everything in your blender and start mixing!

This is what it will look like
What it looked like in my hair
-Add an essential oil like Orange or Peppermint to make it smell nice
- Rinse it out in cold water unless you want fried egg in your hair :) 

By: Yolanda

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  1. Wow, this looks like such an amazing idea!! I love using avocado hair masks, must try this ;)


  2. I know that Avacado has always been essential. Thanks for sharing and I'm loving your new blog design..

  3. This looks like an incredible deep treatment! I will definitely give it a go!

  4. Nice one, pls how do I get coconut oil, shea butter and the orange oil a bit confused thanks.

  5. Thanx much for dis. Am sure givin dis a try as soon as I get my hands on all ingredients, only d sweet orange oil is new to me.


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