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Vegetable Yam

Vegetable yam is a meal made from a mixture of yams with a large amount of vegetables. You can use a wide range of leafy vegetables such as green Amaranth, fluted pumpkin leaves, water leaves, spinach etc. For mine, i made use of the fluted pumpkin leaves(ugwu). It is highly nutritious and delicious......

- 1 yam tuber 
- Vegetables:Pumpkin leaves (Ugwu)/Spinach/Green Amaranth/Water Leaves
- Scent leaves (Ahimu/Nchuawun)Optional 
- 1 large onion 
- 2 Cooking spoons of Palm oil 
- Fresh Pepper (2) 
- Dried or Smoked fish} optional 
- Curry (powdered) 
- Seasoning(Maggi/ Knorr) 
- Salt to taste 


-Firstly, wash and chop your Onions, Pepper , Scent & pumpkin leaves then set aside separately 

-Peel the tuber of yam and cut into small chunks then wash properly and place in a pot. 

-Add just enough water to cover the yams then boil till soft for about ten minutes. 

- Sieve out the water to remove the excess starch 

- Pour a little water (2cups) into the boiled yams then add your chopped pepper ,Onions, 
curry, seasoning , Salt to taste and boil for about 5minutes till the water left is quite little. 

- Marsh a couple of the softened yams to aid in thickening 

-Add the ground crayfish

 -Add the palm oil and leave to boil for 3minutes 

- Add the veggies (Pumpkin & Scent leaves) into the pot of yams and steam for another 3mins making sure you leave the pot slightly open in the process (you want to ensure the veggies remain fresh) 

-Remove from the burner and leave to cool for a while. 

Serve .............enjoy;)

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  1. Looks good!

  2. wow, i feel like binding this food with the holy ghost fire! AMAZING!!!

    1. plz don't!!!!!! It'd get burnt...lol

  3. DOBBYYYY!!! I wanna kiss u... I prepare Poriddge follow ur instructions.. It was superb... Love u plenty... The comments were jst rolling in... Will send u pic

    1. Thanks for the feedback Abolaji...expecting a pic ;)

  4. This recipe is the bomb. My wife tried it out and it was super. Thanks for sharing


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