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How to make Pap (eko,akamu,ogi) from scratch

Pap is one of the common meals found in the Nigerian diet. This starchy food is made from corn and is 99.5% purely carbohydrate. I usually buy mine from the market but as they say, nothing tastes as good as homemade food. Making pap from scratch I’d say isn’t a walk in the park because it takes almost a week to prepare but the end result is quite gratifying. Once made, it could be stored unprepared for weeks in the refrigerator without getting spoilt. 

*4 cups of corn (White/yellow corn) 

-Soak the corn in water for about 2days making sure you change the water every 12hours (This allows the grains to ferment)

-Wash the corn thoroughly and blend the corn till it becomes a smooth paste (To give it a different taste you can blend in some ginger)

-Using a sieve , filter the corn through with water into a separate bowl. This separates the husk and other sediments from the liquid.

-Let the slurry (liquid mixture) settle for about 2hours. This process separates the water from the sieved corn.

-Pour out the excess water and leave the pap to sit for two more days (This improves its appearance) making sure you change the water every 12hours

-Finally, the pap it ready. You can now store it in the refrigerator till you are ready to prepare it

To prepare pap:::
-Dissolve the semi-solid pap in cold water and mix till it becomes a slurry 

-Pour in boiling water in a circular fashion while stirring vigorously till it thickens

-Add some milk and sugar 


-Pap is usually served with either Moi moi, Bread or Akara

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  1. looks really good!

    1. Thank Ɣ☺ΰ Anon

    2. Really nice n easy too. Please Dobby could you help me with a recipe for soybeans pap? Thanks

    3. Do you mean soy beans powder usually added to pap?

  2. I really want to make agidi from scratch; what kind of blender and sieve/restrainer do you use? With this process, how would you make agidi?

  3. You can use the normal blender but you'd have to pulse and blend it several times to get a smooth paste. if you've got a large quantity to make you could take it to the local market(In Nigeria)where they'd use their heavy duty grinding mill. Don't forget to take your own water though. For the sieve, a cheese cloth or something similar would do just fine. i'd upload step by step pictures soon so do stay in touch. Here's the link on making Agidi from scratch >>> http://dobbyssignature.blogspot.com/2012/09/how-to-make-ekoagidi.html?showComment=1358863651155#c4873418918983882399

  4. Hi, I used your akamu recipe and it came out perfect! I had thought it was a very difficult process but thanks to u, I can now make it myself.
    Hope to try out other recipes

    1. Awww!!! Thank you for the feedback Anon. I'm glad it worked for you. Do let us know how the other recipes turn out.

  5. Thanks for the direction on preparation of Akamu. Now my question is if you soak the corn on Monday, can you take it for grinding on Wednesday? And if you don't have chance to go on with the washing , can you postpone it to another day/ What effect will it have in the outcome?

    1. Sure you can grind it after two days as long as you notice the fermentation process taking place. The longer you soak it, the more it ferments and the better the taste (The sour taste). Some people even grind it after a day.

  6. Pls how do I mix corn, millet, guinea corn and crayfish to make pap for my baby... I heard it makes dem add weight... She's 4 months thanx for ur response

  7. Thanks for teaching us how to prepare this

  8. please how can i preserve pap. I have some pap for over 3 months now in my fridge and i do drink it but am scared because i don't know if its bad already.

  9. how many people does this recipe serve?

  10. I don't understand when you said to change the water after every 12 hours. Am I supposed to still be adding water after I have sieves it? Or which water am I changing.


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