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How to make Eko/Agidi

Agidi could be referred to as Nigeria’s wobbly Jello like meal. It’s prepared just the way pap is with just a little difference. Once you’ve prepared your pap from scratch or probably bought the wet corn starch (pap/ogi/Akamu) from the market then you are ready to make Agidi. If you are outside Nigeria, you can make use of corn flour to get the same result.
 2 cooking spoons white Pap (In semi solid form)

 Boiling water (650mls) 

Uma Leaves (Thaumatococcus Daniellii) for wrapping

 Cold water (50mls) 

Preparation :::
1. In a bowl, dissolve the semi-solid pap/ corn flour in cold water and mix till it becomes a slurry

2. Pour in boiling water in a circular fashion while stirring vigorously till it forms a thick paste 

3. Reduce the heat to the barest minimum while stirring. if the heat is high, it might become lumpy.

4. When it has completely thickened like custard, add Cold water to the sides of the starch in the pot

5. Cover the pot and leave to simmer for about 10mins on medium heat 

6. Now to check if the agidi is ready to be made, scoop a small amount of the starchy mixture into cold water if it sets then it’s ready.

7. Fold your leaves (Just the way you fold moi moi leaves) and scoop the starchy mixture into it then leave to cool. Once it’s allowed to cool, it sets and becomes the agidi we all enjoy. It could be served with moi moi, Akara , Tomato Stew, Pepper soup and just about anything.

To learn how to make this love shaped Agidi/Eko Click Here
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  1. wow, your blogis interesting. it really takes a knowldege of what you do to totally describe food, and food making in a way that can be understood.Good work,here

    1. Thank you Oge! I'm glad you like it.

  2. Waoo, dis is great. I love dis bloggggggggg!!! Screaming!!!

  3. am hungri kyndly needs some food.

    1. hahaha!!! I've got a whole variety for you to choose from :)

  4. Am definitely going to try dis, tanks.


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