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Ofe Utazi

I remember back in the day during my high school years, "Visiting day" was always my favorite time of the month. At first when i hadn't gotten used to being away from my family during my Junior years, i'd rush to get a position beside the the school gate at exactly 12pm on the dot to watch as cars trooped in while watching out for my parents silver colored car which they used for long journeys.
The Sunday Bread and Hard boiled egg plus Over diluted tea with little no sugar we were given in the mornings was just never enough. Since Phones weren't that common back then, I usually resorted to sitting on my triple Decked bunk bed before visiting time praying they would get it right by bringing a new set of provisions and most of all  Foooooodddddd!!!!!! especially rice with swallow and my favorite Soup :D. The good thing is, they never disappoint. Its my little bro's visiting day and imma' make it a special one for him by cooking his favorite Soup....UTAZI! Served with pounded cocoyam & edible wheat ....Enjoy ;)

• Serves:        4
• Prep time:   30 minutes 
• Cook time:  45 minutes
• Total time:   1 hr 15 minutes
• Meal Type:  Main course, Soup
• Region:        Nigeria

1 medium sized stock fish head / dry fish

• 2 Dry fish
Beef (cut into big chunks) 
 Sharki/ Kpomo (Cow Hide)
A small bunch of uziza leaves 

1 cooking spoon crayfish 
A small bunch of utazi leaves 
4 small sized Yellow Scotch bonnets
1 medium sized onion 
2 Seasoning cubes (Maggi or knorr)
Salt to taste 

1. First, I’d like to say that Palm oil can be substituted for the aku (palm kernel) liquid but to get that original traditional taste and feel, I’d be using Palm kernel liquid extract (aku) instead of palm oil. Before you start cooking, Extract the oil from the Aku(Palm kernels) into a large pot then boil till the water evaporates leaving the concentrated  aku (palm kernel) liquid

2. Wash and chop the Uziza and Utazi leaves then set aside separately 

3. To prepare the soup stock, wash and add the beef/ sharki/ kpomo into a different pot. Chop the onion, scotch bonnet pepper into the pot. Season with maggi & salt then cook for 15mins .

4. Into the pot with palm kernel liquid; pour in the Beef stock, add the stock fish, dry fish, ground uziza seeds (mkpuru uziza) and crayfish then cover the pot. Leave to cook for about 15mins
Adding the stock fish and dry fish
5. Add a Scoop of the pounded cocoyam (ede) into the pot and watch its viscosity as it thickens. If it’s not as thick as you want it to be, add another scoop to get your desired thickness then leave for about 10minutes 

6. Add the chopped Utazi and Uziza leaves into the pot and continue cooking on low heat for about 5minutes 

7. Turn off the burner and serve with any form of swallow. I actually prepared edible cocoyam(Pounded) with wheat meal for this dish.

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  1. Wow now my mouth is salivating.....I miss Ora. Chioma

  2. jesus, i must try this out#mymouthissoooooooowaterynow#

  3. Great dobby but Can I use achi instead of cocoyam?

  4. Great work dobby but can I use achi instead of cocoyam?

    1. Hi sophia,
      Yes you can use a little Achi to thicken it instead of cocoyam. 1 full tsp - 1 tbsp would do depending on the size of the soup you are cooking.

  5. I noticed dis soup and oha soup are the same except for the oha leaves n utazi leaves. I saw onions on the ingredients for the oha soup but u didn't mention it in d preparation wen it will be added to the soup.

    1. Hi kemmy. Yes they are both the same except for the leaves. The onions is added while cooking the meat as mentioned above. Do let us know once you try it out k :)

  6. This is great, let me enter market and get the ingredients, I will update u people later.

  7. This is great, let me enter market and get the ingredients, I will update u people later.


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