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October 09, 2012

Igbangwu Oka (Maize pudding)

Goshhh!!!!! i'm so excited. I love to travel a whole lot. And as part of the adventure involved in travelling, i get to experience and taste the wonderful cuisines Nigeria has to offer. What i like about Nigerian food is it's fresh, tasty and very well balanced. I got ready early this morning for a tutorial on one of the foods i crave for whenever i'm in this part of the country.....Igbangwu Oka (maize pudding). My tutor "Nwanyi igbangwu" is well known for this iconic dish and as a pro in the preparation, she gladly accepted to give me a step by step guide on How to prepare igbangwu oka.
*10 cups Fresh maize kernels 
*2 Fresh pepper (Blended)
*Ground Cray Fish (1 cooking spoon)
*Palm oil (1 cooking spoon)
*Scent leaves "Nchuawun/Ahimu"(A handful)
*Banana leaves(For wrapping)
*2 Seasoning cubes

-Chop the scent leaves and set aside

-Blend the maize kernels into a smooth paste (Just like moi moi paste)

-Into the blended maize paste, add the Blended fresh pepper, Crayfish, Palm Oil, Scent leaves, Seasoning Cubes and salt then mix.

-Scoop spoons of the mixture into the each Banana leaf wrap. To prevent the paste from seeping out, the banana leaf is usually fastened with a string or strip of banana leaf.

-Igbangwu is usually steam cooked and this is done by placing the wrappings into a pot lined with banana leaves. Little cups of water is added occasionally to steam cook the pudding and this takes about 45minutes 

-Once it firms up, Serve Hot!

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  1. Nni okaaaaaa!!!!!! I love this food.

  2. Loving your blog. I have to admit that I have never even heard of this variant of Nni oka before. I am used to the plain old one.

    I have read some other posts and I love the way you explain things....book marking you.

    1. *Dancing Alanta* I'm so glad you like it! Would definitely love to hear from you more often ...Thanks :).

  3. Thank God for pregnancy, it has really brought back thoughts and hunger for foods I've long forgotten. Am so shopping tomorrow

  4. Lol! Don't forget to take pictures ;)

  5. Finally I made my Igba oka and oh my, it was superb. I added local garden egg and that little bitter taste just blew my mind. It took me waaaaaaayyyyy back my Primary school days. Dobby love, Chukwu gozie gi o nwanne

    1. Wow that's cool! Hope you wouldn't mind sharing :)

  6. i love this food,though i cant wrap so i usually use nylon. we prepare ours defferently...we add lots of palm oil,big crayfish,no scent leave and we dont blend as smooth as moi moi

    1. hmm!! That sounds really nice. If you've got time, do send in the recipe so i could share it with the blog readers. We'd love to know how its being done. thanks luv.

  7. Hi dobby, I jus stumbled on your blog yestrday and I am overwhemld by all I have seen. Yesterday evening, I tried the yam cake...it came out okay but I guess I was meant to use the smaller side of the grater to grate the yaam as it came out like fritters. Minwhile, abt this above post, please is it fresh corn asin boiled corn sold by hawkers dat I need to grind or normal corn used for corn flour that is sold in the market?

    1. You can used either fresh corn (That hasn't been boiled) or the normal dry corn. if you are using fresh corn, all you have to do is to remove it from the curb and grind. if you are using dry corn soak it for a while to regain moisture before grinding.

  8. Dobby you are great. I had searched everywhere to know if I can use Maize from the Market. Just saw how you explained it and I'm so delighted. You take time to give detailsdetails and reply your comments. God bless you dear. You are talented and the best at what you do.

    1. Thanks for the warm compliments Anon. God bless you too :)


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