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Dobbys Signature recipe featured in Funtuna Eggs Cook book

 Hello Dearies!
                     Hope you are having a great week. I must say i am too cos Dobbys Signature is back on track after an impromptu break due to some Laptop issues....
My apologies for that. Though i must confess it gave me time to work behind the scenes on more Nigerian dishes that'd surely make your mouth water.  So, what did i miss......Oh yes :D! The Feature.
  Recently, Funtuna eggs (Producer of one of the most popular eggs in the Nigerian market) published an Egg cook book which was actually Showcased during the Nigeria poultry show which was held last month and Yours truly's Yam and egg recipe was featured. Plus, it actually made the back page too.....hehehehehe!. It melted my heart and got me overwhelmed.  Looking forward to bringing you more tantalizing recipes aiight! Enjoy the rest of the week people.


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  1. We are glad you appreciated our use of the recipe, Dobby :-). In our next cookbook, we will reference the actual websites/recipe creators (instead of just the general credit to Google in this edition), and will happily feature you again. Keep the recipes coming and keep up the good work. Cheers!

    1. :D That would be so nice. i'm glad you stopped by...Thank you :).

  2. please try and insert foods for dinner, please


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