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How to prepare chicken stock

Chicken Stock is the liquid extract gotten from cooking Chicken(With bones…..lots of it) plus Herbs, spices and other ingredients. It's also different from chicken broth (See the difference between broth and stock here). Preparing chicken stock is quite simple. Just throw in Your Herbs and other ingredients below and you are good to go.

• Prep time:    30 minutes 
• Cook time:   40 minutes
• Total time:   1 hr 10 minutes

Ingredients / Utensil
• Kitchen Shears/ Knife

1 Whole Chicken 

• 2 Red or yellow Scotch bonnet pepper 

1 medium sized Ginger 

1 Bulb Garlic (Blended)

1 medium sized red onion

• Water (½ litre )  
• Curry (1 tsp) 
Thyme (1 tsp) 
3 Bay leaves 
Seasoning (Maggi/Knorr) 
• Salt to taste

1. Wash the chicken and Cut up into sizable parts with the kitchen shears/knife then place in a pot 

2. Blend the Onions, Scotch bonnet pepper, and garlic.....Set aside

3. Add the curry, thyme, Bayleaves, seasoning, salt and water. 

4. Pour in your blended garlic, onion, pepper and ginger

5. Cover the pot and leave to cook for about 40 mins 

6. Once done, strain the liquid into a bowl. This can now be used as a base for any soup or stew you want to prepare.

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  1. I really love how beautiful and clear your pictures turn out to be. Makes everything look sooo yummy and irresistable.

  2. Eating tasty and safe food is key!
    We want safe food and water in Nigeria

  3. Am salivating. Can't resist this.

  4. Thanks dobby,pls u blended pepper into d meat while cooking' can I still fry d meat after cooking like dat? Won't d pepper affect d meat on frying?

    1. Hi jede, Yes you can still fry the meat like that and it won't affect the meat.

  5. Hi Dobby do you cook on boiling for the 40 mins ? or reduce to medium (simmer) after some time.

  6. Hi there, juist wanted to mention, I enjoyed this blog post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!


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