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Dobby's Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Okaaayyy!!!! So I almost let out a big “Holy CRRAAAPPP!!!!!!” when I walked into this new, almost deserted fast food restaurant for a chicken burger only to be told they sell for N2100 (about $13)…..like what??? You could get a “whole” chicken in the market for about N800. Plus, burgers in other popular fast food restaurants like the good old TFC, Mr Biggs and Sweet sensations go for about 250-350naira. It got me wondering if the tiny piece of chicken was imported from Yakoslovaklia or probably reared in Obasanjo’s ota farm. Didn’t they do a market survey or something?!. My face lost all expression as i left that place feeling robbed...….Total rip off I tell you…..total rip off. In order to satisfy my hunger for comfort food the following day (And also to recreate a better recipe), I walked straight to the market to get ingredients for this wonderful Chicken recipe and When I was done, It scattered a lot of people's brains including mine “In a good way J ”. This is a simple sandwich idea for kids and adults. Hmmm! I shoulda named it dobby’s Brain "burster" Chicken sandwich ;) …..hope you like!
• Serves:         5

• Prep time:    15 minutes 
• Total time:   15 minutes
• 5 Round breads

• 10 round slices Cucumber


• ½ Cabbage

• 1 bunch lettuce

• Mayonnaise

1. Wash and chop the cabbage into long slices; Set aside

2. Wash the lettuce and Set aside for the water to drain

3. Slice open the round breads

4. Spread a tablespoon of mayonnaise on both sides of the open bread

5. Place Some of the chopped cabbage, lettuce (1 on each half of the bread), 1 Crispy fried chicken, Hot Sauce and Cucumber accordingly on the bread.

6. Sandwich together with the other half of the bread

7. Do this for the remaining round breads

8. Enjoy with a cold glass of Juice 

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  1. Thanks Dobby.U are an inspiration to my kitchen.love love....muah!!!!

  2. Wow! Dobby.....your blog is beautiful! And the pictures........amazing!

  3. my head is busted, lol. this looks better than some you get at the malls set. Really great!

    1. Tot as much...i Knew it'd have the same effect on u myne....hehehehe!!!

  4. Whao! This really looks nice & healthy(better than d eatries). Got ur blog on Chinazor's blog. I'll sure be a regular visitor, well done!

  5. HAHAHAHA Where is this place please? 13$ loooool! Yours looks good!

    1. Hmmm!!! My sister, d place is in festac town O! I never stepped my foot there again...lolz!

  6. Dobby, u are a life saver! Just last night, I had a burning desire for a chicken burger. Just stumbled upon ur blog. Will sure try this out today!

  7. Hi Dobby,I just stumbled on ur blog and I MUST CONFESS,dis is d most useful blog I've come across! As in you have totally made my day! Pls just keep doing what ur doing and the sky would be your limit!!! Thank you so very much and God bless you darling!

    1. Awwww!!! Thanks Anon :)...God bless you too!!

  8. Pls Dobbys can u help me wit beef burger recipe.

    1. Sure Anon! would put up a post on it soon.

  9. I don't really experiment on food, but since ever coming across your blog, my kitchen has been on fire lol, my hubby is loving it. Thanks so much.

    1. Glad to here that marian :). Thanks for the feedback.


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