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Red Hot Sauce

Red Hot sauce is a chili and scotch bonnet pepper based hot sauce. Though it focuses more on flavor than heat profile from the combination of scotch bonnets and chilies which are more pronounced, the intense spicy feel cannot be left out. . This homemade sauce can be used for meals like Bread, eggs, stir-fries, meats, fish etc.
• Prep time:   15 minutes 
• Cook time:  15 minutes
• Total time:   30minutes
• Meal Type:  Sauce
• Region:        Worldwide


10 medium sized Chili peppers

6 Red Scotch bonnet pepper

6 Yellow scotch bonnet pepper

1 plum tomato

5 cloves Garlic

1 tsp vinegar
1 cube Sugar
A pinch salt

1. Blend the peppers, tomato, garlic into a smooth puree

2. On medium heat in a sauce pan, cook for about 10mins till it starts simmering

3. Add the sugar, Salt and vinegar and leave for about 5mins

4. Remove from the burner and Serve with Crispy fried chicken, Homemade burger, Chips, bread, eggs,  e.t.c

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  1. I usually have this handy in my fridge as a base for sauces or to use on its own. Nice recipe, will try adding vinegar sometime.

    1. you'd definitely luv it myne. Apart from its use as a preservative, Vinegar also improves the flavor of whatever is being cooked.

  2. This looks good Dobby. Can it be used with spaghetti? the way we use Nigerian tomato stew.

    1. Thanks eya! i've never tried it with spaghetti cos it's really really hot. But one sure meal you'd enjoy it with is grilled or fried fish...Yummy :D

  3. Thanks Dobby. Just what I needed


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