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Food Profile: Scotch Bonnets

One of the most popular types of pepper used in Nigerian dishes is the scotch bonnet. It comes in different colors and flavors. There’s the Green, the yellow and the Red. Scotch bonnets are exceptionally Hot as they've got more heat than any sane person can handle. The immature ones are green but when ripe, they turn from green to other colors ranging from yellow to red.
red scotch bonnet pepper
In the Nigerian local market, the green is rarely seen, the red is simply known as red pepper while the yellow is known as the Nsukka pepper. The scotch bonnet pepper seeds are also available for sale in the local market. I actually thought cameroon pepper was dried yellow pepper but when i asked an expert (She sells Scotch bonnets in the market) she told me that it wasn't. Her reason? well she said when the yellow pepper dries up it doesn't turn Brown. Really smart intuitive answer...And i believe her *Winks*.
Yellow scotch bonnet pepper

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  1. My dear Dobby, thanks for the information o, i always called them red, green &yellow pepper so now i can go for who wants to be a millionaire*your time starts now* in Frank's voice. Lol

    1. ℓ☺ℓ! and I'm certain you'd come out tops temmy ;)

  2. Hmmm. Been wondering what scotch bonnet means.we learn everyday.thanks

  3. Hallo , are these the pepper also called habanero pepper? Thanks

  4. Hallo Dobby, are these peppers the ones also referred to as habanero peppers? Thanks.

  5. For those asking, bonnets and habaneros are very similar but not exactly same

  6. it's true. Hanaberos are smaller than scotch bonnet

  7. It's called fresh pepper in Naija. Lol.


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