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How to Fry plantain (Dodo)

Yeah! Yeah! You guessed right…..Slow and lazy food day for me. I can imagine people sniggering under their breaths like “Hey this is so easy and duh! Most people know how to fry plantains”…..hehehe!!!. Well, I guess I’m just bored and I also felt it’d benefit those who don’t know how to make dodo "Dough-dough" (Fried plantains). I had been day dreaming of fried plantains and I decided to make this post all about it. On the plus side, I was gifted some bottles of olive oil *Dancing etighi* and I decided to use a bottle for this post. It actually made my plantains taste really nice and I know it’s really healthy. The only hitch with this olive oil thingy is the pocket unfriendly price which makes it less ideal for the everyday Nigerian cooking (lets not go there). Fried plantains can be taken alone or with Oats, Beans, Akara, Fried eggs, pap (Ogi / Akamu), Rice dishes; Coconut rice, Fried rice, Jollof rice , Fish Sauce  and just about anything.

Serves:         4
Prep time:    5 minutes
•Cook time:   20 minutes
Total time:   25 minutes
•Meal Type:  Appetizer, Main course or Side dish
•Region:        Nigeria

• Plantains (A bunch of 10)

• Vegetable oil / olive oil 
• Salt


1. Wash and Cut off the two ends of the plantains then peel 

2. Slice the plantains giving it either a circular or spherical shape 

3. Sprinkle some salt over it and toss to ensure the salt gets evenly distributed 

4. Add the oil into the pan and Once it heats up and sizzles (Run a test by dropping a slice of plantain into it), gently add the plantains into it making sure you don’t overcrowd the pan. 

5. Fry till golden brown on both sides 

6. Once brown, remove and place onto a sieve to drain the excess oil 

7. Serve

Fried plantains with veggie fish sauce
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  1. waohhhhh looks so appetizing..

  2. U guessed right cos i've been checking & checking in short, i've over-checked sef (lol). No dodo for d kids dis weekend o cos they've taken lots of sweet sweet things...as for ur pictures,am yet 2 see any blog with such clear&sharp pictures(correct me if am wrong o). My sugar peeneenee, well done jare!

    1. lolz! Thanks temmy....your comments light up my day :)

  3. Yeah, slow food post day. They look good though. The arrangement is so on point.

  4. Very nice fry, i am so impressed, your blog is so full of life, i am following you, hope to see you on my blog soon.
    follow me on.

  5. OMG..am missing home,cant wait to be home this summer


  6. Weldone dobby, i get all my recipes 4rm your blog


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