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Nigerian Lunch meal ideas by Dobbys Signature readers (Pictures)

Noddles with.. Scent leaf + carrot, green beans From RICCI'S kitchen...
Ewedu and gbegiri byTonye
Chicken gravy sauce by Adebola 

Meatballs in tomato sauce by Adebola
Jollof rice and chicken garnished with coleslaw, cucumber, baked beans, sweet corn and boiled egg By Cynthia emenife. 
White rice and palm oil stew with plantain and beef by Cynthia emenife
Boiled yams with egg sauce by rose
fried potatoes with egg sauce by rose
Shrimp pasta by Halim
Egusi soup with semolina by dave
Spaghetti garnished with green capsicums with tomatoes, fried plantains & chicken by delores-joan 
Jollof spaghetti, salad with fried fish
Ofe Aku (Banga soup), white rice garnished with carrots, Malt drink & yellow banana
Ofe nsala (white soup) with white garri (eba)
Tomato fish stew with white rice garnished with steamed green vegetable and cucumber
fried rice with chicken garnished with cucumber
fried rice with  fried fish
jollof rice , chicken and beef with orange drink 
jollof rice, fried plantain with chicken garnished with cucumber
fried rice, coleslaw with sauce
Okra soup with yellow garri
Tomato beef stew with white rice and moin moi, pineapple & watermelon 
White rice garnished with sliced apples and green vegetables, Tomato chicken stew
Red Tomato chicken stew , white rice and  sliced cucumbers
red stew with white rice and chicken
Got more Ideas??? Send your Lunch pictures to me at dobbyssignature@gmail.com or on twitter  @dobbyssignatureI'd keep updating this page so keep sending in your Lunch idea pictures.

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  1. Choi am salivating. Been a while I made fish stew, giving it a shot this Sunday

  2. The rice and apple eewwww

  3. Dobby biko do a post on how to make chicken gravy sauce pls. I'm tired of tomato & vegtable sauce. Both ugu and cabbage and carrot! I haff tired much! Lol

    1. i have a recipe on that already.....Do check out this link >>> http://www.dobbyssignature.com/2012/07/sauce.html <<<. Thanks Tokoni ;)

  4. Hi Dobby,

    Do you have a recipe for the noodles with scent leaves? If you do, please share

    Thanks, Wunmi

    1. Hi Anon, For now i don't but since you mentioned it i'd keep you posted.


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