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Kitchen Tips: How to remove snails from their shell without breaking the shell

Hello dearies, 
               This is a comment inspired post which i guess would be of help to others out there. We all know how messy it is to remove snails from their shells without breaking. Well, After answering the question i also had to get a graphical picture of the Special Rod as shown below. 
Dear Dobby,
i would like to know d best way to remove snails from their shell without breaking d shell. Breaking d shell is usually messy.
@Anon 18:46 : There's this metal rod with a very sharp edge which is used mainly for snail removal especially by market women. The shell is gripped tightly while the snail is pierced, twisted and dragged out. Another alternative would be to use a new nail with a very sharp edge or a Fork....Hope this helps.  

Metal Rod for snail removal
Please i do encourage questions and comments on food as it could be an inspiration for future posts and also help others too. If you've got a recipe, Do send it to me with pics on how it was prepared. Thanks!

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  1. Another way is to boil d snails with the shell on and after 7-10 mins, drain the water and pick up each snail and shake (in a whip like motion). It should come off easily.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the Helpful contribution Arabian princess.

    2. Wont the shell break when cooked


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