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How to make homemade peanut butter

Oops!!! I had already started gobbling up the peanut butter before remembering I had to take pictures..lol!. Yesterday morning, I had this huge craving for peanut butter and bread so I went straight to the market and got a bottle of roasted groundnuts (Peanuts). Peanut butter is an easy spread I make in my kitchen. It’s not expensive to make as it contains few ingredients and it’s a healthier alternative to the store-bought types. It’s got No preservatives, No additives, just plain roasted peanuts. I got a full bottle for just 300Naira (This would give Skippy makers a run for their money), Ground it up and stored it in a glass jar; it’s as simple as A, B, C. Here’s how to do it at home.

Total time: 5mins
Level:  Easy

What you’d Need
• 3 Cups Roasted peanuts, Shelled
• 1 teaspoon Honey – Optional
• Food processor / grinder
• A Jar 

1. Peel or skin the roasted peanuts.

2. Place the peanuts into the food processor (The small type for dry ingredients). Process till you get a smooth mixture. 

3. Drizzle the honey into the paste and process some more 

4. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and place the peanut butter into an airtight jar or container.

5. You can Store it in the refrigerator for up to two months that’s if you don’t gobble it up within a week J 

Kitchen notes:
•I didn’t add oil in mine because the oil in the nuts was more than enough
•You could add some sugar, Salt or honey in yours; it all depends on your taste.
Bread with Peanutbutter Spread
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* Ose Oji (Local Nigerian Peanut Butter)

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  1. Nice i would definitely try it

  2. Looks very easy. Would have loved to try but, but my acne-prone face will retaliate in pimples, lol.

    1. lol! You could still try it out but sparingly.

  3. Dobby I made this yesterday and it was delicious, bit my inner lower lip wen I was eatin it with bread (now u knw d extent of how Delicious it was) . Thnx 4 sharin *hugs*

    1. Awww!!! dats so nice. you are most welcome Amy :)

  4. I like! Will try this out this weekend. Can add some pieces of peanut to make it crunchy?
    Great job Dobby.

    1. Sure you can Aunty eya. Thanks Aunty eya :)

  5. I love Ose Oji! And yours look so tasty!

  6. wow its simple i try it!

    Baked butter n ovaltine cake ystday, wanted it 2 b layered, buh afta i put dem in2 d preheated pot it mixed up! wasnt wat i xpected buh my sisters were jst eating it up b4 dey could even rate me had 2 run hide ma parents share b4 dey cud finish it i gave me bf a spoonful of ma share, but he ended up eating it ol n was askin he cud come visit was tempted 2 ask "r u comin 2 c me or d cake....?" Lol!

    1. That's nice Lyna. You should have reserved some for me too :(. I've never tried butter and ovaltine cake before. Wouldn't mind you emailing the recipe with pictures. Would love to share :)


  7. Wow!!! Is that all?

    Definintely not buying peanut butter again o!!!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'd be trying it soon>

  8. This is great and exciting lecture,you are a great asset to womanhood,please keep it up.Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful and beneficial recipe.

  9. what can i use to replace honey?


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