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Homemade Turkey Stock

Turkey stock is the liquid extract gotten from cooked turkey meat including the bones. Just like chicken stock, beef stock, Fish stock, Turkey stock is used as a base in most Nigerian cooking. It adds a wonderful flavor to whatever meal it's used for. When making this stock, any part of the turkey can be used. For this, I used the turkey wings alone. To make the flavors come out, ensure you chop the turkey to expose the parts especially the marrow which is part of the flavor enhancers.  

Nigerian Turkey Stock recipe:
•Prep time:  
10 mins
•Cook time: 25 minutes
•Total time:  35 minutes


•1 kilo Turkey wings (Cut into parts) 
•1 medium Red Onion, diced
•3 Bay Leaves 
•3 tbsp. Ginger, grated 
•1 tsp. Curry powder 
•1 tsp. Thyme 
•1 tsp. Salt to taste 
•1 tbsp. Chopped Parsley - Optional 
•2 cups water

Step 1: Wash the Turkey and place in a medium sized pot. 

Step 2: Add the Chopped red Onion, Bay Leaves, Chopped parsley, Grated Ginger, Scotch bonnet pepper, Curry powder, Thyme, Crushed Seasoning cubes & Salt to taste. 

Step 3: Pour In the two cups of water and boil for about 15 minutes till tender. Turn down the heat of the burner and leave to simmer for 10mins more

Step 4: Remove the bay leaves and use the stock as a base for the preparation of your meals. 

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  1. Oh My God aunty dobby, this Is the exact recipe I made yesterday, I even make mine into stock cubes sometimes, when I have leftover stock and my fiancee and brother-in-law's son just loves curried basmati rice and turkey stir-fry(the stock cube enhances the flavour) if you want my turkey stir fry recipe and the stock cube recipe just send your email and I'll send it to you! Lovely blog dobby, keep it up

    1. Thanks Precious. i'd love to Publish your recipe :). Do send it to me via Email at dobbyssignature@gmail.com.

  2. @precious, pls do a guest post on the blog so we can all learn too. @dobby, e ku ise. Just one question, wre do u source ur parsley from and is dere a local name 4it in the mkt. Tnx

    1. i usually get mine from the traders who sell cabbage, carrots, cucumber, green peas e.t.c at the local market and it's pretty affordable. you could get a sizable amount of fresh parsley for about 50 naira. parsley is not an indigenous Nigerian herb so i really don't know if it's got a local name but once you ask for parsley, they'd know what you mean.

    2. Are you for real? In Anthony here, my quickest source of vegetables is from those mallams that arrange them in wheelbarrows, doubt if they will know/have parsley but will ask sha. BTW, which market do u source from?

    3. I get mine from the local market in lagos

    4. @Arabian Princess.....check Illupeju for Parsley . they sell there

  3. You can use this stock for plain okro?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Turkey’s always cool. Looks fab.


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