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How to make Pepper Puree

Pepper puree is mostly used as a base in the preparation of Nigerian dishes. It's preferably made from scratch because it gives a unique freshness and taste to dishes it’s prepared with. It’s use is not restricted to stews alone but also soups, sauces and rice dishes. It could also be stored in the refrigerator and this could come in handy to save time during rush hours.
1 medium sized Red onion - Optional

Step 1 : Thoroughly Wash the scotch bonnets (Ata rodo), Red bell pepper "Tatashey" (Remove the seeds cos it’s usually bitter), Chilies and onion. 

Step 2: Place in a grinding machine and blend to a smooth puree. 

Step 3: Pour the blend in a small pot and cook till there’s no water left. Turn off the burner.

Kitchen Notes:::
To increase its shelf life, fry the puree in vegetable oil & leave to cool before storing in the refrigrator

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  1. Thanks 4 d infor.

  2. Hi Dobby,
    Thanks for the good work. will this still "keep"if i blend with tomatoes as well?

    1. yes it will as long as you boil and fry it well.


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