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Banku with Groundnut soup On Street foodie waka Ghana

Banku is a popular staple food in Ghana. It is a form of Swallow prepared with cooked fermented corn dough and cassava dough.
I had the option of eating banku with Ghanaian style okra soup but I opted to go for groundnut soup which was quite new to me. Groundnut soup a.k.a Nkatenkwan is a type of white soup cooked without palmoil unlike the Nigerian version which has oil and vegetables in it. The preparation is quite simple as it involves few ingredients such as Stock, Peanut butter and Seasoning. It was also served with tilapia and chicken. To get this meal, I had to go to a modernized bukka located in medina cos I felt local dishes are usually prepared well in such joints and Boy!!! was i right cos it was simply delicious. Would try to recreate this recipe on the blog pretty soon. To get the recipes, Visit Omgghana for Banku and Cookghanafoods for Ghanaian Groundnut soup

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  1. It would be awesome any food with groundnut are usually nyc e.g Cameroonian ndole

    1. it sure is Amada. This is the second time i'm hearing about Cameroonian ndole. checking it out now

  2. Dobby u ar really have fun in Ghana.pls enjoy ur self n thanks 4 all the info.

  3. Thank you for sharing, free to try


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