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#SMW private beach party (Photos) on street foodie waka

Hello everyone,
How are y'all, Hope you're doing great. Sorry i've been MIA with food posts. This is because i had been moving from one social media week event to another for the past few days which has been tremendously fun! fun!! fun! all the way. As a matter of fact, wherever there's food involved, dobby goes...lol. The event kicked off early last week with a private beach party at POP beach club, ilashe beach. We all (The participants) arrived at the addax jetty at Victoria island early in the morning and were ferried to the ilashe beach. Luckily for me, i was able to beat the Lagos traffic by leaving the mainland really early so i got there on time.

The boat ride to the beach took about 25 mins through the Lagos water ways and the view was awesome. i couldn't resist taking pictures as we went through. Had so much fun cos i met lots and lots of unique people from different nationalities who came specially for the event. That morning, i was so confused about what to wear. i'm not one to fuss about cloths or anything but the only shirt i planned to wear got burnt by the "iron" i used so i had to stick with my dashiki of life which didn't need ironing. This dashiki has been with me through thick and thin and has been a life saver all the way cos it goes well for every informal occasion. i cannot count the number of times I've worn it but i could write a full memoir on its saving goodness.....hehehehe!!!!.

The Pop Private beach is a lovely place and i must also add, really colorful. The decor was done with mostly African prints and materials which made it really unique and you could tell they tried their best to make it look really African. It was like a different world entirely. Located there was a table tennis section, A swimming Arena, A bar and relaxation spot. i love the ambiance too.....makes you feel like all you want to do is swim, eat and sleep.

Whoever designed this place certainly did a great job i tell you.

The Food
The catering was done by "Rodizzo", located at 29 Isaac john street Ikeja Lagos. They brought along the other meals but the barbecue was done at the beach. I love the way the food was presented and the taste was simply "magnifico".  As is customary, Pictures first before any other thing. 

It was an "Order whatever you want" affair, so i simply ordered for the different "orishirishi" i saw there; Beef and chicken kebab, barbecued prawn (I've never seen prawn as large as that before), salad, macaroni, jollof rice and fried rice...........Yes! i sampled all of 'em and washed it all down with a can of soft drink. I call that total bliss :D. 
Other Side Attractions
The Pool water was so cool especially against the hot sun and those who were lucky to have brought their swim wears had so much fun. Can't swim so i didn't bring any and simply watched by the side line. 
After a while,  i  decided to walk towards the beach with my friend Ayo of "Mydestination.com" to take pictures. Luckily, we came across a beach resident who seemed to be having soooo much fun. As the saying goes, Ask and it shall be given unto you. I asked and he agreed to give a free ride across the beach on his four wheeled motorcycle. Twas Funnnnn!!!!!!!!!! :D
Local beads sold at the beach. Though priced more expensive at the beach compared to the normal rates the do go for on the mainland, they were really lovely. 

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  1. You really had fun dobby. Was it an open event?

    1. I sure did. Yes the #smw was an open event

  2. Ohhhh I wish I was having fun now.Claire!!!

  3. see enjoyment! abeg where's ilashe beach located. never heard of it

    1. ilashe. you could get to the beach from satellite town jetty also.

  4. Hi Dobby, I love your blog.
    Pls tell, what camera, app and photo editing do you use. Your pictures are everything.

    1. i really don't use anything fancy for my food pictures. Previously, i used to use a fujifilm point and shoot digital camera but now i use a Sony point and shoot digital camera. It's got inbuilt features and effects which i make use of.


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