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Avocado chocolate Dip

Whenever I bring up Avocado and chocolate in the same sentence, it's not unusual for me to get a turned up nose reaction with a big frown plastered on the faces of people. This is not until they try it out first....lol! Yeah it sounds crazy I know but it works and it's super duper tasty. Sincerely, it tastes like chocolate and no one would know there's avocado in it unless you tell them.
I stumbled on this recipe by mistake some days ago. I had over ripe avocados which i didn't want to go to waste, Some left over cocoa powder from my last batch of chocolate cupcakes and some chips I bought during the Lagos carnival. One thing led to another and Voila! The beauty you see in pics was born. 
So before you simply push this aside, you need to try it out first and I tell you once you do, it'd completely change your perception about combo foods like this one. This is one tasty way to enjoy your avocado. You could take this as a dip for your potato chips, corn chips e.t.c, as a spread for bread Or better still, take it alone. 

How to make avocado chocolate Dip/ mousse
Prep time:
 7 mins
Cook time: Nil
Serves:       2

• 2 Ripe Avocados
• 1 tsp. Cocoa powder/ Any powdered chocolate Beverage
• 1 tsp. Vanilla essence
• 1 tbsp. Honey

If you are using a Cocoa powder, I'd advice you use little of it and more of honey so you don't get a bitter mousse.

Step 1: Combine everything in a food processor or blender.

Step 2: Process for about 15-20 seconds, turn off and scrape down the puree then blend some more till smooth.

Step 3: Chill it a little before digging in. You can also use it as a dip, a spread or eat it alone.

Avocado chocolate mousse used as a dip with corn chips
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  1. I'm not an avocado fan, but will try it out. Thanks Dobbys.

    1. you are most welcome amaka :)

    2. Same Amaka,not a fan of avocado. It looks gud. Been trying to get to like it.recently made an avocado smoothie and it was 👌

    3. lol! you might enjoy this one you know :)

  2. Hmnnnn....we learn everyday ooooo! Definitely gonna try it out for bread though.

    1. you'd luv it nazor, do keep me posted :)

  3. Wetin dobby no go teach us lol, well I'm a huge avocado fan so I just might be trying this, its just that I can't convince anybody in my house to try it, they are just old school like that

    1. lol! i get. But you'd love it though ;)


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