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20 random facts about me - Dobby

#20randomfactsaboutme has been trending for a while on Instagram and because i got tagged by Sisiyemmie, here goes.....:D

♥1♥ I love fine arts, crafts, graphic design and of course food. When the mood is right, I tend to create things that are worthwhile and pleasing to the senses.

♥2♥ I've got 100% natural hair under layers of my hair extensions :D.

♥3♥ I dream about having a Big Farm in the nearest future.

♥4♥ I love bright colors

♥5♥ I've got small feet...my shoe size is 38

♥6♥ I've got a bad history with Mathematics so naturally, i've got no affinity for calculating things... Calculus, Algebra - Infact!! I hate maths :|. 

♥7♥ I look way younger than my age and I love it when people tell me that :D :D :D.

♥8♥ On the outside, i seem more like an extrovert but by nature i'm prone to being an introvert. 

♥9♥ I love solitude. It helps fuel my creative juices. I could stay indoors alone for weeks without getting bored with myself.

♥10♥ I'm a professional day dreamer.

♥11♥ If you were to go through my music library, you'd notice I've got more of oldies than modern day contemporary music. I feel Oldies have better meaningful lyrics I could relate to.

♥12♥ I love horror movies...I'd pick movies that give me heebie jeebies over any other genre anyday, anytime :D.

♥13♥ The Only non-horror movie that makes me cry over and over again is "3 idiots". I always have a large roll of tissue paper beside me whenever I watch that movie....Can never get enough of it.

♥14♥ I seldom volunteer my opinion or ideas except when asked.

♥15♥ I'm Obsessed with Tv programs like; Women who kill, Stalked, Dangerous women e.t.c. I guess it makes me feel like some sort of analytic detective that accurately reads the minds of people & diagnoses every potential motive and problem.

♥16♥ I'm a hoarder of things I've got sentimental attachments to. So don't be surprised if you find a necklace you must have given to me 20 yrs back still in my stash.

♥17♥ I love window sits.

♥18♥ I cannot swim...

♥19♥  I've got a sweet tooth. If you want to bribe me, just get me anything sweet :)

♥20♥ I'm habitually nocturnal 

I'm Tagging.................

♥ Afrolems
♥ Matse Cooks

So, that's all i guess. Thanks for tagging me Sisiyemmie, i really had fun doing this :).
Well, enuff about me. I'd like to know some random things about you my lovely readers so please share ;) 


  1. 9, 10, 12, 16 and 18!! Love your blog cos I love food hehehe

  2. I just did mine Dobby. :-) It was fun! Thank you.

    You and I have a ot of similarities...maybe that is why I gravitated towards you. :-) Cheers!

    1. We sure do have lots of similarities matse. i enjoyed reading your write up too :D.

  3. i see we've got alot in common dobby. i also cannot bath with hot water, i like old school jams too. Great Blog!

  4. When is your birthday Dobby? You sound like my twin...Love your blog! You have reminded me of childhood recipes I had forgotten and adjusted to not having living in the US. Keep up the good work!

    1. Were you born in May? if you were, we're definitely twins :D. Thanks Anon.

  5. I love your randoms. I'm about to put mine up too and we have some things in common too. I even mentioned you

  6. I day dream a lot and build castles in the air *sniffs*
    I enjoyed reading the random facts about you Dobby!

  7. Wow...your personality is a sweet but seems to be a conflicting one too.U seems to be holding up to two different world in you.My wife have leant so much from you thereby saving me cost (that relates to entaitaining guest/visitor. now we just do snacks and chinchin) and also improved our diets.I normally just with my wife that if the student meal taste so sweet like this,what will be the taste of the food of the teacher. So we will be glad if you can invite us for lunch abi na dinner. U ARE REALLY DOING A GREAT JOB. The pictures illustration were really helpful.

    Oluwaponmile (Ibadan)

    1. Awww!!! thank you so much Oluwaponmile. I truly appreciate you kind words :)

  8. I love your blog, you've made me start to really like food! :D keep up the good work, and keep making Nigeria proud! Luv you!

  9. Hi dobby, it's nice to know somethings about u! I wanna commend u for your cooking blogs. Its really nice to learn how to cook Nigerian meals with real Nigerian recipes for free! It's a good thing am a fast learner. I read, cram, cook and eat and all those who eat my meals are like, 'wow, you're a good cook!' lol... but wat they don't know is that I gat u behind my back! more grease to ur elbow babes! Kisses!!!

  10. I'm so in love with your mind and your endless spurn of creativity. How can one seems to have it all? You're 100% amazing. Your recipes are so detailed and broken down to the barest minimum. You don't blow me away with spices that cannot be found on everyday market shelf.
    I see pieces of myself bit by bit in you.
    I love your random facts and You.

    1. I'm Flattered *Blushing*. Thanks so much for the compliments Merry :)


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