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Taste Off Lagos (Photos from the Event ) On Street foodie waka

I just love going for street foodie waka events because not only do i get to feed my eye's with lots of goodies, i also get to feed my belly too. A few days ago, i told you about the upcoming taste off event HERE and on sunday the 5th of October, i headed to Freedom park with my very good friend after church service for the event. The venue was packed with lots of food enthusiasts from far and near. At the venue, we were given free Vouchers for drinks such as;Lemonade, Beer and water which was quite good. Apart from the food, i was also glad i finally met up with other bloggers including the beautiful Uzo of uzo's food labs, really lovely lady i tell you.The event was also filled with food vendors from across Lagos who came to showcase their wares. Below are some of the pictures from the event. 

Wilson's Lemonade took the most shine as the top drink served at the event. 

Instant waffles with ice-cream topping. 
Banga with starch. Click here to view how it's made
Mama sunday's instant rice just the way Dobby makes it Here. They've got instant jollof and fried rice which could be prepared in just 5 minutes. It tasted great too ;) . Click Here for the Review



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  1. the food all look so yummy

  2. I was meant to come oh :( . Meanwhile, i thought the event Ad said free food or something but i heard people still had to pay :S


    1. yes o! we paid through our noses at that place. imagine 1 waffle that is as tiny as small pancake like the one in the picture cost 1500, fear catch me. Everything there was very EXPENSIVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!.

  3. any info where one can get the instant jollof?

  4. It was so lovely to meet you too :-)

  5. Looks very yummy. Pls, whr can I buy a waffle maker??

    1. Waffle maker is sold in places like shoprite in Lagos. i got mine for as low as 3,500.

    2. Hey dear Emy! Really? Which of the shoprite? Pls reply ASAP!!!

  6. yummy

    Ajetun Blog

  7. This is punishment!...choi,see food!



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