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How to make Starch - Usi (Swallow for Banga)

Starch (Usi) is a popular delicacy in the Southern part of Nigeria especially with people from Delta state. It's infact the major type of "swallow" used in eating the popular Banga soup and Ovwo soup and yes, it's fingerlicking tasty too. It's made from the common starch used in laundry here in Nigeria....
Yes you heard right, the type used for stiffening cloths to give it a crisp, polished look. Starch (Usi) is made from cassava (just like Fufu, akpu and garri) and it's usually sold caked up (just the way Pap is sold). It's white in colour with a very distinct smell. To prepare the swallow, you'd need a pan preferably a non stick pan with a handle to make it easy for you to control the starch while it's being made. The preparation of starch takes a lot of skill to make and even more skill to learn how to cut and swallow properly. 

• 1 wrap medium Starch
• 2 tbsp. Palm oil
• 1 cup Water

Step 1: Break up the starch in a wide pan and dissolve with the water to make a slurry. 

Step 2: Grease the pot to be used with palm oil if you don't have a non stick pan. If you have a pan that doesn't stick, pour the dissolved starch into the clean pan. Add the palmoil and stir over medium  heat till the starch starts to thicken and stiffen. 

Step 3: By the time you are done, you should have a clear pan. Remove the starch from the pan and serve with the Banga soup or Ovwo Soup

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  1. I just discovered dis blog,nice one dobbys,,,,,i'm introducing ma group to this blog now....love it here!

    1. That'd be nice dorcas :). Thanks and do stop by often.

    2. Hubby love starch and banga,learning dis as soon as possible.tnx for dis dobby.

    3. you're welcome anthonia

  2. I realy love it with my mum ovwoh soup. Thanks. Dobby for this.

  3. Love this native food

  4. I've always been a huge fan of starch and bang. The combo is so appetising. Thanks for this.


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