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Hellofood's pizza places in Nigeria

As Nigerians, we can cook almost everything to suit our taste but when it comes to pizza, we would always rely on pizza restaurants who have better expertise, experience and equipment. Thanks to hellofood, the No. 1 online food ordering and delivery platform which connects us to this special pizza restaurants across Nigeria. Are you tired of eating mediocre same old pizza? Do you want pizza and do you want it now?
If you want pizza and you do not want to spend time finding a place, you’ve got two choices to keep it simple; download the hellofood App or Visit the site and Order away from any of the top pizza places on the Site such as Debonairs pizza, Cactus, pizzarama, Goodies house, La pizza e.t.c and your pizza shows up within the stated time frame. The best part is, you can pay on delivery. This is also useful for those with busy schedules at work in places like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Remember, everything is packed and delivered to you hot and crispy, saving you some time to worry about dish washing. No dulling!
Hellofood as an online market place is set up of problem solvers, designers, thinkers and tinkers, working hard round the clock to make life very easy for you when you’re in need of food and thus offer you the best online food ordering experience. They’ve got over 250 restaurants on their website where you can order just about any meal you can think of (local, continental, vegetarian, fast food, etc.) from top restaurants in Nigeria. Hellofood Nigeria is definitely here to the rescue!

Click here to download the app
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  1. Dear Dobby, help with how to make pizza. Really looking forward to this. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Hello Dobby I am looking forward to the festive season recipes u have in store for us o. My note n pen is all set to put them down,lol pls don't disappoint us o! Mwah,thanks.

  3. I am going to try out their service. Thank God for a relief at last.

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