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How to make Plantain chips - Unripe plantain chips recipe

Did you know that Unripe plantain chips are really easy to make at home? It's so true. For me. I'd say they are even easier to make than most Nigerian snacks. I hadn't made plantain chips in a long time but recently, a former student of mine from a secondary school i once taught Food & Nutrition called me up to ask how its being made. She said she wanted to make some extra cash for herself during this Christmas break. Luckily, i had unripe plantain sitting in the kitchen waiting to be used. Making this tasty snack is as easy as ABC as i'm about show you. 

Utensil needed
• Grater (you'd need one with a slicer)

• 2 Unripe plantains
• Salt to taste
• Vegetable oil for frying

Step 1: Peel the Unripe plantain with a knife. Using the slicer, slice the unripe plantain into thin circles as shown

Step 2: Place the sliced plantain in a bowl of water mixed with salt and rinse. This is done to remove excess starch. Drain off the excess water from the plantain and pat dry.

Step 3: Place the rinsed plantain in a bowl, add salt to taste, mix and fry in pre-heated vegetable oil till crisp. Remove immediately from the oil and drain on a paper towel as oil has the tendency to make the plantain soft. Serve or store in an airtight container.

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  1. Nice. You should try banga rice with fish. Its tasty

  2. Good Job Dobby. Stumbled on this blog whilst googling abt Nigeria dishes last night. It's been an eye opener for me and I've been addicted, soo many delicacies and their recipes. Pls can you post about how to make Okpa, the one popular with the Eastern part of Nigeria, that's like moi moi.
    Thanks and remain blessed.

    1. Hi angie, "Okpa di Oku" post would be up on the blog soon. Glad you found the blog Useful :)

  3. Nice one, will definitely try this. Thanks D

  4. Dobby again.. Thanks dear

  5. Am in love with this blog. Subscribing already

  6. Thanks Dobby I am in love with your posts.... great job

  7. I'm thinking of starting this business and supplying to school canteens. How many plantains do you think I should stat with and pls could help me with a list of d things I would need to start it on a small scale. Tnx in advance.Enjoy reading ur blog.

    1. You could start with samples and move up from there depending on the demand.


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