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Lagos Seafood Festival + Paint the Night Africa

This past weekend was a blast and I had such a great time. I was invited to an art event called Paint the night Africa tagged #PtnAfrica. It was scheduled to hold by 6:30pm at Terra Kulture but since i wanted to make it to a book reading event organised by a friend of mine at the same venue, i had to leave home quite early so i could catch the last BRT bus leaving town for the day as well as make it to the island in time for both events. Along the way, i saw a festival going on very close to my destination. My curiosity got the better part of me and i said goodbye to the book reading by simply strolling to the venue like i was invited...lol!. The Festival arena was located very close to the beach and was filled with lots of sea food vendors as well as different display stands were they showcased their wares. 
Crabs by Ifesiwaju FCS
Cat fish by Ketu ereyun fish farm estate
Coconut Juice by Lascoda and smoked/dried fish
Tiger prawns & Fresh fish by Baba Agba
Gold fish and a rare breed by Fison
Vegetable Juice by Fresh Serve
Maggi Stand at the event
The Venue was also packed with lots of tourists and seafood lovers who sat around enjoying the scenery while filling their stomachs with seafood prepared on the spot. The best part of the event apart from the food was when the Governor of Lagos state arrived. There was chaos everywhere as people scrambled to get a glimpse of him. He was really nice and actually walked to every single stand at the venue chatting the vendors up. 
Governor Raji fashola chatting vendors up at the event
Finally, it was time for me to leave the venue to TerraKulture which was just a stone throw away from the beach.....Okay more like 10 minutes walk away. Immediately i walked into the place, it was as if i had been thrown back in time to the 70's. Every thing there looked so traditional from the bamboo sits to the calabash bowls used in serving some of the meals. There were also pictures of literary artists hung on the walls. The whole concept of place could simply be described in one word.....Amazeballs!!!. 

Terra Kulture is a leading art, culture, lifestyle, and educational centre located in Lagos, Nigeria. It was built to promote the richness and diversity of Nigerian Languages, Arts and Culture. It has become the premier recreational destination for those looking for an immerse and definitive Nigerian cultural experience. It's Got an art gallery, a Traditional restaurant a theater and lots more. 
The venue for the PtnA event also looked really beautiful. It was well laid with different painting materials i.e canvas, paint brushes e.t.c. Since most of the guests hadn't arrived, the art instructor informed me that there was an Art Auction going on at the art gallery right beside us and we could check it out.
 Immediately, i rushed to get my camera but he promptly told me Cameras were not allowed. He also told me not to act surprised by the prices for the artworks so i don't attract unnecessary attention and i quickly agreed. At the gallery, there were Art Collectors everywhere. The prices of paintings ranged from as much as 3.5m to as little as 600,000k. At first, I was in doubt that anyone would spend so much on a painting but right in my presence, a man bought a painting of 1.8m. I sincerely didn't know when i gasped in amazement. Looking at the man who bought the painting made me even more amazed because he looked so ordinary. I left that gallery feeling more inspired with hopes that i'd get to create my own Masterpiece.    
  In no time Guests arrived and the event kicked off with the art instructor teaching us the basics about painting. It was really fun filled with Laughter, food and drinks. 

With my little experience at the gallery, i put in everything i had including my sweat in the creation of this masterpiece below. This is an artwork of symbolic Nigerian instruments which comprises of a Talking drum, Shekere and something else i'm yet to figure out (i think i just designed a special drum)....haha! 
Will you pay 300,000k for it? Better still i could auction it off at a giveaway price for Christmas. Just let me know how much you are willing to pay for this masterpiece in the comment box aii'....Till Next time, Buh bye :D.  
If you'd like to be part of the next #PtnAfrica Event, simply Visit their Facebook page Here and click the like button so you'd get updates on when the next class is scheduled to hold. 

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  1. Lmao! I'd pay not more than 200 naira for the master piece...thats just for the canvas alone

  2. Dobby, u really had a nice time. u surprised me ooo just went to the sea food venue without been invited. I neva knew u are a gate crasher .LOL.Next time just give me a call I will drive u down instead of u taking BRT

    1. lol! i'm a patriotic Nigerian. Gate crashing & bus riding are both in the package :D :D :D

  3. Love the painting! i'd have loved to go for the festival too but didn't know about it

    1. Hopefully, they'd create more awareness on the festival next time.

  4. I love your painting Dobby and I love gate crashing too it's always fun.

  5. Check out @cncnigeria on insta and twitter. I attended theirs and they use really big canvad


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