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Domino's Pizza & ColdStone Review

So i stopped by Domino's pizza & Cold Stone restaurant this weekend as i've been doing quite frequently of late since they opened shop close to where i reside. From the very first day they opened, i knew i was in trouble.
This was just too much temptation to resist. There are certain guilty pleasures I just can’t resist and this is one of them…Simply heaven when I’m in there, it's amazing i don't weigh 200 pounds. My cousin once said they're evil and I concurred because they positioned themselves at a strategic place you really can't overlook or resist. Falling in love with domino’s pizza and Cold stone ice-cream ain't cheap but very affordable.
They recently opened several shops sometime around last year and have been attracting visitors from within and around the environs. In Nigeria, both restaurants run a partnership kinda venture and that's why they're always located at the same place. These quick service restaurants are really popular in most parts of Nigeria where they are based. Also, they serve up one of the best mouthwatering pizzas and ice cream i've ever tasted. (Are you on instagram? You could Follow me HERE for daily Scoops)

They've got several branches here in Nigeria with locations in Victoria island, Lekki 1, Lekki 2, Ikeja, Apapa, Festac, Ibadan.

What makes both restaurants top notch is just about everything from the customer service to packaging. The staff members are really welcoming i must say, with big smiles always plastered on their faces and their willingness to take your order . Apart from the chants from the staff which most people find amusingly annoying, it's always fun to watch everything prepared from scratch right in front of you. 

The branch at Agungi is quite perfect with lots of sitting room within and outside. The Festac branch would have been a little bit better if it had more sitting room within because during the weekends, it could get really unbearable especially when the crowd troop in. On a good day when i don't have to look for a sit within, it could be really comfortable. There are sits outside but i really prefer the feel of the air conditioner blasting in my face. Infact, these days i've resorted to having my pizza delivered to me at home instead of having to stand in line or wait for someone to leave before i can get a sit. All in all, i always feel like i'm in a candy store whenever i'm in there....Total Bliss :D

Dominos pizza Menu 
Over the course of time, I've tried out several meals on the menu and they all tasted great. My favorite pizza still remains "Magarita". It's got nothing but tomato sauce and melted cheese on it but there's something about the way they prepare it that keeps me going back for more and the taste is simply Amazeballs! Whenever i get my pizza, i don't fail to get a cup of ice-cream or milkshake along with it......Preferably milkshake though. 
Toppings for the Ice cream
pepperoni supreme and Veggie supreme pizza
Hawaiian Pizza

Chicken Tikka

Ice Cream Cake

The Baileys Ice-cream on the left is a must try....I like :D

Got this ice-cream cup cake for N600...Quite expensive for the size but tasty 
Strawberry milkshake....My favorite!!! :D :D :D.  Goes for about N1200-1800, depends on the Size of Cup
Delivery service is on point but is only available for pizza orders within the vicinity they're located. Once you place your order, you can track the progress of your order right up until it leaves for delivery. The few times i've ordered, the pizzas were exactly how i ordered them and above all the taste was great too. The delivery guy was also friendly and the pizzas were still hot.

I'd definitely recommend Dominos pizza and Coldstone ice-cream anyday. I'd also recommend their new chicken dishes and cheesy bread....you should give it a try. Have you been to Domino's pizza and Coldstone creamery here in Nigeria? What was your experience with them like?  

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  1. Nice one Dob-star..
    My favorite of all time's Chicken and Mushroom.. I looove it!

  2. Sorry to deviate from the topic at hand; pls Dob-star, what is an alternative for rice flour?, can't seem to find it anywhere. And when I mix everything for baking a shortbread, the mixture doesn't seem to come together into a ball; always breaking. Should I add a little milk or water to atleast keep it together or I messed up the mixture?

    1. hi Angie, You can get rice flour by milling/grinding ordinary rice till very smooth and fine like powder. If you don't have rice flour, you can use ordinary flour or corn starch. if it's always breaking, add more butter.

  3. Na dis one wey babes dey use finish all our money.

  4. looks Yummy!

  5. Dobby dis is wickedness to the highest level, dnt you know that 21days fasting is still on? **crying seriously like child** biko, pls tell them to come to port harcourt naaaaa, even KFC is not in port harcourt not even one but they are every where in lagos..... make dem help us smallll mbok..

  6. I absolutely love cold stone,I got their ice cream cake for my birthday and it was off d hook,loved every bite.

  7. I happen to stay quite close to the branch at agungi. Had their ice cream cake once & it was amazing. Always tempted to go back but for the no/low sugar diet I placed myself on :)

  8. Hi, I would like to win.my email address is sweety747uk@yahoo.co.uk, I live in Ajah and my favorite pizza is pepperoni supreme.thank you.

  9. Dominos is one of the best Pizza in India so every one looking for dominos offers across web. Shopozo offers great deals and offers on dominos.



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