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Sweet spicy plantain chips recipe

Sweet, crispy, spicy, crunchy......Yep! Those are the best words used to describe this tasty delight. This is one snack i always have tucked in my stash as it always comes in handy when i need to nibble on something. The key to getting the perfect crunch is all about picking the right plantains. Unlike the unripe plantain chips which is made using green plantains as shown previously, it's best to use the semi ripe plantains that's just about turning yellow for this to get that "Sweet" taste. Also, the thinner you slice it, the better. It's really quite easy to make as i'm about to show you.

• 2 Semi ripe plantains (almost yellow but not)
• 1 tsp. pepper to taste - Optional
• Salt - A pinch
• 1 tsp. Sugar - Optional
• Vegetable oil for frying

Step 1: Peel the Semi-ripe plantain with a knife and slice the plantain into thin circles as shown

Step 2: Place the sliced plantain in a bowl of water mixed with salt and rinse. This is done to remove excess starch. Drain off the excess water from the plantain and pat dry.

Step 3: Place the dry plantain in a bowl, add salt, pepper and sugar, mix and fry in pre-heated vegetable oil till brown and crisp. Remove immediately from the oil and drain on a paper towel as oil has the tendency to make the plantain soft. To get that extra crispy crunch, bake in a pre-heated oven for some more time before removing.  

Step 4: Leave to cool completely and Serve or store in an airtight container.

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  1. Nice 1,Debs;pls if u can help wit recipe of whole wheat bread as am nt a lover of corn meal,thanks.

    1. Hi Anon, would prepare a post on that soon.

  2. Thanks Dob-star.
    Still struggling to get the mixture of my shortbread right; tried adding more butter like you said to prevent the mixture from breaking..to an extent I could feel the butter oil on my hands and it still didn't come together. When I mould it does, when I try to roll with a pin, it breaks.
    Pls where am I going wrong?, my kids really love shortbread and it'll do my wallet a lota good if I can make it myself. Please help a sister!

    1. Lol! Ok, i can understand. That's where the sample bag or transparent nylon (The type used for garri in restaurants) comes into play. It makes the shortbread dough easier to handle because it's naturally crumbly. Once you place the dough in the bag, you flatten it with the rolling pin and mark the parts you want to cut. Then, you place it in the fridge to make it firm up. This prevents it from scattering when you are about cutting it. Hope this helps...

    2. Thanks Dob-star.. Will try again and give you feedback.

      Have a blessed February..

  3. DobStar! YOU rock girl! you make cooking so much fun. God bless you hun

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  5. The money wey I don use buy plantain chips in my life fit buy car. Never buying again, Thx 4 d tips, ddnt knw about using the oven to get tha extra crunch, would totally try it out.. cheers

    1. i can definitely relate to that :). Do let us know how it goes madam Gagool :)

  6. I heard dt the veg oil for fryn plantain chips shldnt b clean,nd also instead of using salt water to rinse,d plantain is sliced into veg oil,hw true is dt???

    1. Hi Anon, the theory about the veg oil not being clean is wrong. The reason why that's being peddled as the right thing is because most people that make chips for commercial purposes re-use, re-use and re-use the same oil for a long period of time to reduce cost of production. Rinsing with salt water is an "extra precaution" to reduce the starch content and not compulsory. Most commercial producers skip this step.

  7. Lovely!
    Time to make a delicious Plantain Recipes
    Thanks for sharing. More wisdom

  8. Nice job dobby;pls I still don't knw how to use d oven to get d xtra crunchy taste. Is it after frying or b4?

  9. Nice job dobby;pls I still don't knw how to use d oven to get d xtra crunchy taste. Is it after frying or b4?

  10. D my supper star too much muhhhhhh God will bless u for me

  11. Hey Dobby, This a very cool post thanks. I am actually considering going into the business. I need more on getting the nylon, print outs and all the basic other stuffs

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  12. Hi dobby,

    Can you produce plantain chips for UK market and also If the chips can be flavoured in three seperate types

    1. Sea salted
    2. spicy
    3. any other.

    Thank you.


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