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Win N60,000naira shopping Voucher in the Royco table for two Competition

What Traditional Nigerian meal defines love to you? 

Get ready to spice up your relationships this season of love as Royco Nigeria promises to make this Valentine an Unforgettable experience. Royco, the premium seasoning brand is giving out 20,000 Naira Shopping voucher each to 10 lucky people and 60,000 Naira Shopping voucher to one Lucky person this Valentine season.

Here's What you have to do:::

• Make the Traditional meal that defines love to you, serve on a table for 2 with Royco Cubes close to the dish.

• Go to the Royco Nigeria facebook page. Take a picture of the food and upload on the Royco Facebook app contest page. "Note that the cubes must show in the picture"

• Tell us how the meal defines love to you.

• Share your upload on the Royco Nigeria Facebook app & ask your friends to like it.

•11 winners with the most 'likes' will emerge on day 16 and out of the 11, 1 winner with the most social activities will win the grand prize of N60, 000 shopping voucher while the remaining 10 will win N20, 000 shopping voucher.

Got cooking skills? Hurry now to the Royco Facebook page and start uploading.

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  1. Can I have this bowl of vegetable soul...licking mouth already

  2. With pple like u dobby, all d money is already gone.
    pls compete and win so u can send vouchers for us.

  3. lol! Fortunately & Unfortunately, i've been excluded from competing. But i believe you could win if you try ;).

  4. Just passing by.


  5. you are really going some where with what you have to offer.

  6. Dob-star give us some clue...lol

    1. lol! there's no clue Angie. Okay lemme give you a lil expo ;) ;)....Just make a very traditional meal (it could be garri and soup, or any nigerian meal). Make sure the cubes show while taking the picture and also do something really creative to make people like the photo. The more likes you have the better your chances of winning.

  7. I know this is Dobby's handiwork. It has your signature all over it. :-) Bravo! Fantastic presentation. Whoop whoop! Too bad you can't compete. You do win am be dat. :-)

  8. I wonder how they wrapped that eba!!! Did they flatten it with a rolling pin?


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