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Blog Visitors Mail #1: Room 411

Smoothies basics, Cooking issues, Hibiscus in obodo oyibo
I've been getting lots of mails recently and sincerely, i must admit i don't have the answers to all the questions being asked especially since there are more experienced experts who read this blog. Some mails dey make me scatter laff while others dey make me crack brain....lol! Therefore, i've decided to open this section so mail senders can get advice from other blog readers and in the process we can all learn from each other.
P:S: For questions on recipes posted on the site, please leave them in the comment section of the particular recipe/article you are referring to so that once it's answered, it'd be beneficial to you and others with similar questions. Thank you.

Smoothies Basics: 
Am .............,I follow you up on your blogs on smoothies.this has inspired me to set up a small business of smoothies in the area where I live. pls I know completely nothing about how to go...though I have tried coconut and orange...twas nice but wasn't smooth.or is it NT suppose to be smooth,?pls what are the first things I should do?

Smoothies are meant to be smooth. When making coconut milk and orange smoothie, you're meant to use just the coconut milk alone (Chaff excluded). when making smoothies, you'd need frozen fruit to make up the base of your smoothie. Some popular fruit choices are: Mangoes, Strawberries, Avocados, bananas, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, apples. With any of the fruits listed, you're bound to get a smooth texture once you blend. Also, juicy fruits like pineapple, watermelon, orange would work well although they'd make your smoothie watery (smoothies are meant to be slightly thick). To get started, try strawberry & banana or Mango & strawberry combo. 

Cooking issues: 
Dobby hi, i'm now good with the regular fried tomato stew. However, i'm in a fix dobby. My boify thinks i'm a great cook but my dad thinks i'm a very bad cook. Dobby i dunno wat to do for/to my dad. He's probably a perfectionist and there's nothing under heaven that i've cooked that he likes. Please help me. Meanwhile dobby, there's this stew/ soup that's called yellow soup. It's usually made with fresh fish and no tomato. Do have any idea on how to prepare it because google seems never to understand me when I say yellow soup. Its a south south delicacy. See if you can send me the recipe plus what are your thoughts on the issue i'm having with my dad? Also my beans doesn't taste as good as my sister's and gets burnt before the water even dries up well. Tell me what I'm doing wrong please. 

Your dad is probably like most parents. As most people get older, they tend to cut down on a lot of things like spicy foods, peppery foods, salty foods and a whole lot more. you should try asking your dad how he likes his meals cooked so you could cut down on things he doesn't like. I haven't heard of yellow soup but since you've mentioned it, i'd be on the lookout for it and keep you posted. For the beans, don't turn it once you put it in the pot. once it softens, add your oil and let it cook for a while till the liquid in the pot reduces before you turn it else it'd burn. To make beans that'd knock out your sisters version Click HERE
I've just discovered that the "Yellow soup" from the South-South part of Nigeria you were referring to is actually the popular OWOH/OGWO/OWO soup. It is an Itsekiri/Isoko/Urhobo dish, used during festivities and marriage ceremonies. There are some technicalities in making it else you may cook something terrible. It is usually eaten with starch. Click Here to View the Recipe

Hibiscus in "obodo oyibo": 
Hi Dobby, I'm one of your subscribers in Houston Texas. Hmm, if I say your blog hasn't been a blessing to me then I'm a liar. Do you know recently I have been craving for zobo drink? One of those pregnancy cravings. Until now that I got a mail from you about "Homemade Zobo", my joy knows no bound. So, I have been seeing hibiscus leaves in Walmart in he grocery section but I wear my real Naija hat on thinking is one of those air freshener Oyibo people have. (Please don't laff at me). My question is: can I use that same hibiscus leaves? Cos I so want to make mine this week.
Thank U so much Dobby for taking time to teach us different delicacies.

Is hibiscus leaves used as an air freshener Abroad? :s 


Mrs A. just sent in the picture with the finished product and yes, this is definitely Zobo leaves. Thanks for the feedback Mrs A. :)

Mint leaves in portharcourt: 
Hi, where can I get mint leaf in port harcourt.

?? over to you

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  1. i love this. pls kip it up

  2. i'm having the same problem with bv 1. but my own question is, is there special juicer to use for all smoothies. i want to start juice business.

    i've been finding it hard to comment on your blog.

  3. for the lady with daddy issue, your BF is only trying to be nice the plain truth is that daddy is usually right. You don't know how to cook, you need to brush up your cooking skills, for your Zobo tips here!! Zobo taste a lot better if it smells nicer. Haha!! Keep it up Dobby, we love you...

  4. Nice one dobby! Been wishing we had something like this. Will probably send in my mail too.

  5. How to cook yellow soup

    -meat and fish
    -palm oil
    -pepper/achu spices


    Boil meat and fish.
    Heat the palm oil a bit and allow to cold,put in potassium bit by bit until it has a yellow colour.
    Pour in water from meat and fish and mix well.
    Add ground pepper and spices.

    Serve with soup in the same plate, a hole is made in the middle of the plate and soup is poured in.

  6. for the lady with daddy issue, your BF is only trying to be nice the plain truth is that daddy is usually right. You don't know how to cook, you need to brush up your cooking skills, for your Zobo tips here!! Zobo taste a lot better if it smells nicer. Haha!! Keep it up Dobby, we love you...

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  8. Me too - I will join the 'reading comments' club. * S M H *

  9. Abroad most hibiscus leaves sold here is used as tea. If it is red and water is to be added to it then it is zoboroto

  10. Am in love with dis.....dobby my sista plsss kip it up


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