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Quick and easy nigerian easter recipes

Easter is around the corner people. With just a day to good Friday and a few days more to Easter Sunday, it's not out of place to start thinking of meals to wow your guests. To get started, eggs, beans and plantains feature in lots of Easter menus. So here's a link which i put together to some of the recipes you'd love to try during this season >>>> CLICK HERE TO ENTER. To get other ideas, you could go through the Recipe Index. If you've got other Easter meal ideas, do send your meal pictures to me at dobbyssignature@gmail.com or upload your pictures directly on the Facebook page . 

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  1. Hi Dobby, The link does not seem to be working but my own planned menu does incorporate eggs, flour, rice - may just add beans and plantain like you suggested to make it more rotund. All I need now is to find the link to Dobby's quick easter receipes. :)

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    1. lol! That's a nice combo. Don't forget to share the final meal once you're done. The link is working now.

  2. Hi dobby I so much love this blog.dont know why it took me long to find this blog
    U r doing a grate job.am planning to try the yam pepper soup recipe I saw on ur blog for easter
    God bless u

    1. Thanks treasures, glad to have you here :)

  3. Chyqueen aka Chioma ihieri4/03/2015 8:56 am

    Dobby dear, happy Easter
    The link is not working.

    1. Happy Easter to you too chioma :)....The link is now fixed.


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