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Blog Visitors mail #3: room 411

Stella wins cooking competition with multi-layered drink, FF

Blog visitor (stella) wins cooking competition
Hello Dobby. Shout out from your biggest fan. Thanks for this blog.
I went for a cooking competition yesterday and made a two-toned drink with your zobo Grenadine recipe and pineapple - mango juice. It. Was Da. Bomb. Everybody couldn't stop uuuuuh-ing and aaaaaah-ing over it. Thanks a lot bae. Oh,and did I say that I won? Yeah. Thanks again.
So,here are the pictures from the cooking competition. On my phone,I can't see the distinction between the two layers well (Comes from using jankara phones with terrible pixel quality and colour differentiation ) so I made another one @ home and took the pic.
Bae,God bless you for this blog oo. Some of your recipes are familiar, most are not but even when I don't use your recipes,I refer to your pictures to set out the meals I prepare. As a result,in my fiancé's words - How can he resist me? Thanks *kiss* *kiss* *hugs*

I must confess i was wowed when i saw the pics. You really did an awesome job especially with the drink...like wow! :D. Thanks alot for the feedback. Your fiance is definitely a lucky man....*Double hugs*

Fastest Fingers Courtesy Blog reader Charles (Thanks Charles) 
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  1. This is great Dobby, more power to your surge

  2. Congratulations Stella - the drink looks 'wow' and the winning table looks scrumptious and fantastic...

  3. Nice! congrats girl.

  4. Awwwwww... blushing... Thanks Dobby. Thanks all.

  5. congrats. dt's wht u get wen u learn from d best even from a dstan


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