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Pumpkin seeds in Lagos, Passion fruits in Delta, FF

Happy New month Blog fam!
I just love the month of May because it tends to bring along with it good tidings. It's not just a new month, it's a new day and a new dawn. This simply means you can start a new page in your life with new hopes and exciting new quests to conquer. Always remember, anything is possible with a willing heart. Happy May Day!!! :). Fastest fingers below.

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Pumpkin Seeds in Lagos
Where can I buy pumpkin seeds in Lagos?

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Passion Fruits In Nigeria
Dear Ms Dobby,
I read your great March 14, 2014 article on fruit markets in Lagos. I have a farm in Delta State producing high quality fruits. We grow and produce yellow and purple passion fruits, 100% pure passion fruit pulp (concentrate) and very large sweet red pawpaw on our 30 acre farm at Onicha Ugbo, Aniocha North LGA near Asaba in Delta State. We have pure passion fruit pulp in stock for sale from this year’s passion fruit harvest. Passion fruit are an important ingredient in fruit juices, smoothies, milk shakes, flavorings, cocktails, alcoholic beverages, ice creams, fruit tarts, cakes etc.
It is also great by itself as a snack, appetizer or dessert. A true low calorie fruit that is sweet, smells like guava and is high in Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid and Potassium. We are capable of producing more than 50 tons of passion fruit a year if the demand for it is arises. We currently have 15,000 high quality pawpaw trees on our farm. We can ship to Lagos on a regular basis when the fruits are in season. 

For more information I can be reached on 0802 977-0006 or our email: ceo.oranugofoods@gmail.com.

Fastest Fingers Courtesy Blog reader Charles (Thanks Charles)
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- 3635-7556-8198-391 (E)
- 5964-3532-3004-8920 (A)
- 9277-1813-4929 (M)
- 5481-1920-7859-6508 (A)
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  1. What are pumpkin seeds/fruits useful for? My email is @ oluwafemimanuel@gmail.com I believe I'm the first to comment?

    1. Congrats on the win oluwafemimanuel.

  2. Happy new month Dobby


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  6. no GLO card...... nonooooooooooooooooo

  7. Chai ! All cards loaded. God dey. Lovely blog. onyinxus@yahoo.com

  8. I love passion fruit. I remember the first time I ate it. Wish I lived in Asaba. Michie girl

  9. I love passion fruit, wish I lived in Asaba. Dobby more greast to ur elbow. Michiegirl

  10. Great job dear! Ciaigbogun@gmail.com

  11. Good job Dobby!

  12. please if have this listed items
    White oak back
    Pine needles
    Eucalyptus Powder
    Cinnamon Powder
    patchouli leaves
    please call me on +2348034634263

  13. you can get pumpkin seeds in the market or around lasu towards iba area in lagos


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