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How to make Nni oka (Cornmeal Swallow)

When thinking of a different type of swallow to go alongside draw soups such as ogbono or okra, the very first option that comes to mind is Nni oka which is known as cornmeal in English. It is made from a mixture of maize and cassava flour. Although corn flour may be used alone without mixing it with cassava flour (i.e Tuwo masara from Northern Nigeria), the real nni oka is usually mixed with cassava to make it stretchy. To prepare for consumption with soup, the maize and cassava flour is stirred into water and mixed vigorously to form a stiff elastic dough without lumps. It is mostly popular in the eastern parts of Nigeria and usually served with Nigerian soup such as Ogbono Soup, Okra soup e.t.c 

How to make Nni oka (Cornmeal Swallow)
•Cook time: 15 minutes
•Total time: 15 minutes
•Meal Type: Accompaniment for soups
•Region:      Eastern Nigeria

• 2 cups Corn Meal "Nni oka" (extra for sprinkling)
• Water

Step 1: When preparing nnioka, it's best not to wait for the water to boil before mixing the corn flour and cassava flour. In an empty wok or pot, add about 2 cups of corn meal and 1 cup of cassava flour with water before placing it on the burner. This is done to so it'd start to cook right from the beginning

Step 2: Once you place the mixture on the burner, you start to stir with a wooden spatula so it wouldn't begin to cake up underneath ( in one direction either clockwise or anticlockwise so it doesn't form lumps ). Do so till you get the semisolid consistency of the normal Swallow. Once it's ready, the nnioka would have a stretchy but soft consistency  Turn off the burner and dish out immediately while hot

Step 3: Serve as a form of swallow with any Nigerian soup

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  1. Weldone never tried it though but will do.

    1. i'm sure you'll love it once you do.

  2. ok... i will just try it sha,,, for the sake of exploring new stuffs

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  3. Dobbys please where can one buy the corn meal in festac. One of best thing that I enjoyed in the boarding house. Thanks for making me feel nostalgic.

    1. Hi Amaka, they usually sell the dry corn not the milled one. Once you get the dry corn, it can be milled for you in the market.

    2. Dobbys is it the same corn meal that is use for corn dog

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing, this cornmeal swallow, is it healthier and lighter than pounded yam,I'm exploring different kinds of swallow , to know which is best for weight watchers ,I've done wholewheat meal,and amala ,and I want to try millet also, this method of nri oka I prefer,cos the traditional one, you have to let the corn go through fermentation process which is abit tasky I most say, but worth a trial.are you on fb? I would love to get more ideas from you.

  5. Thanks Dobby for posting this. In my place Onitsha, they use it as food for for occasions like wedding, burial etc and as the staple food eaten mostly on Sundays in place of Sunday rice, yummy but unfortunately I don't know how to prepare it. Thank God my sister-in-law sent me some corn starch and cassava flour from home, I'll def try it with your detailed direction tomorrow. Thanks once again


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