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June 22, 2015

Ramadan recipe ideas

It's the month of Ramadan people!!! I love Ramadan season and to be frank, i really can't wait for my sallah meat from my lovely neighbors and friends alike (Make una take note o). Today i'd be giving you meal ideas that would take you through this fasting period.
I remember way back in secondary school when my friends and colleagues had to observe the fast. Muslims were usually awoken as early as 3am before sunrise to observe the pre-fast meal called the suhoor. They made sure they ate properly very early in the morning to give them energy throughout the day. Meals served during this period are usually the types that are easy to digest while providing energy during the fasting hours i.e Foods rich in Carbohydrate for energy, foods rich in healthy fat for energy, foods rich in protein for body building as well as energy when carbohydrate and lipid resources are not available. At sunset, the fast-breaking meal known as iftar is served. This starts with Fruits, then a robust main course meal, more like a combination of lunch and dinner. Upon eating the fruits, there is a break for prayer and after the prayer comes the Starter, then main course and if the belly permits, Dessert. Traditionally, the fast is broken with some dates and a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruits, fruit juices and water. This allows time for the digestive system to prepare itself for the iftar . The first foods that you consume upon breaking a fast are critical to nourish the body, and should not be something that is difficult to digest and be absorbed in the body. Raw fruit juices and fruits such as Watermelon, pawpaw, banana, grapes, cucumber and apples contain much water content and are easily digested and assimilated in the body as well as provide nutrients and energy that the body needs. Minimize your intake of citrus fruits such as orange, grapefruit, tangerine at first since they may feel too acidic once it gets into your stomach. To re-hydrate your body, drink a glass of clean water. Once again, please note that your first meal after any fast should not be a heavy full meal else it'd lead to constipation. The internal digestive system will not move that solid food eaten until it starts functioning again.
Happy Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim brothers and sisters. Have a blessed Ramadan and may God accept your Prayers.
What do you usually have for suhoor & Iftar. Send in clear pictures of your meals to dobbyssignature@gmail.com with your names. This would be showcased on the blog. 

Danwake                                     Moi moi
Kose (akara)                              Egg & Bread

        Sandwich                                      Pancakes
   Pap (Koko)                            Oat meal porridge
Tapioca +milk(Kpokpo garri)                     Jollof Agidi/eko
          Dates                              Coconut water
           Fruit Salad                  Fura da nunu nut smoothie

Mixed fruit Juice                Mango juice
        Kunun aya                         Pumpkin leaf juice
Pineapple Juice                       Soy milk
      Kunun Zaki                   Goat meat pepper soup
            Masa                        Plantain Mosa
Yam peppersoup                  Fried Chicken

Cous Cous                       Salad
     Rice Dishes                       Stews & Sauces
 Yam balls                          Potato casserole 
Beef Suya                                             Grilled fish

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  1. tnx for d ramadan recipes..

  2. Thanks so much for this Ramadan recipes will definitely try out the agege bread French toast

    1. You're welcome pwettylicia. Do keep us posted.

  3. Thanks Dobby! This'll help me come up with my timetable:)

    1. Glad it turned out useful Ummibee :)

  4. Dobbys well done. My Muslim brothers and sisters. edu fasting.

  5. Well done Dobby. You going to be a great wife to a blessed young man pretty soon. You are indeed an asset!

  6. thanks for this recipe. I tried this recipe yesterday and it was huge hit among my family members.

  7. Will all these recipes help in weight loss during Ramadan?

    1. It'd help in curbing weightloss during Ramadan.

  8. Will all these recipes suitable for weight loss during Ramadan?

    1. It'd help in curbing weightloss during Ramadan.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing variety of Ramadan recipes. I'll surely have a try on this as I'm regularly searching for new recipes in this Ramadan. I tried many recipes from a website recently and all of them are great. Sharing here the website address http://www.nestle-family.com/my-ramadan/english/recipes.aspx


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