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Coco Wagz Smoothie

Here's an easy breakfast smoothie i'm loving already. Most times, i prepare the smoothie ingredients the night before and freeze so that all i have to do when i wake up in the morning is just to blend. See, not too difficult right? Making smoothies is a great way to combine various fruits and vegetables into one wholesome drink. It's also really filling and packed with nutritious vitamins needed for the body. Wondering how the name came about? Combine the first letter of each ingredient and see for yourself ...hehehe!!!


• 3 cups seedless water melon, chopped 
• 1 small apple, chopped 
• 6 grapes 
• 1 tbsp. zobo syrup - optional
• 1/2 cup coconut milk
• 6 ice cubes

Step 1: Place the fruits in a blender, add the coconut milk, zobo syrup and ice cubes. 

Step 2: Blend it all up till smooth and it's ready to drink.

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  1. nice. really creative with the name...cool

  2. I really like this blog. keep it up. please can you post the recipe for garden egg sauce. thanks

  3. Well done sis, please where can I get the portable blender and how much is it?

    1. Hi Areo, you can get it from most online stores. ClickHERE

  4. This looks yummy! Kudos Dobby

  5. Can I use normal blender used for tomatoes for this

  6. Dobby please do I need to remove the seeds in the grape, or I blend all together?

  7. Pls what does the ice cube do,is it noy as good as adding very chilled water...or can I also skip adding ice cubes?..thank you for the good work your doing,keep it up and know also your saving some homes

    1. The ice cubes helps in chilling it immediately since you have to drink it immediately it's prepared. Thanks for the compliments Yugo.

  8. Nice! What about the one done with watermelon, pawpaw, pineapple and banana?

  9. Hello, do u use fresh coconut milk extract, like when extracting for coconut milk?


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