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Acha "Fonio" pudding

Hey friends! Today i want to share with you my newest early morning cereal. Since it was introduced to me by my very good friend makuo (Hi siraj :D), i just can't seem to get enough of it. It has a nutty flavor and tastes very much like ground oats. I am still making variations of this meal as sometimes i add groundnuts, raisins or cashew nuts to it alongside milk.
Acha a.k.a Fonio is a type of millet like grain which is similar to couscous and quinoa in both texture and appearance. It is grown in West Africa especially in the northern part of the country where it's locally referred to as “Hungry Rice”and is usually prepared in form of salad, stew, porridge (just like tapioca a.k.a kpokpo garri) or even ground into flour for bread. Acha is highly rich in amino acids and iron which makes it very nutritious for everyone including pregnant women and children. It’s gluten-free and nutritious because it contains two amino acids, cystine and methionine, which makes it a favorite to be baked into bread for diabetics, those who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. If you haven't heard of acha, you should try including it in your diet. Here's how it's prepared.

How to make Acha "Fonio" pudding
• Prep Time:  
10 minutes
• Cook Time: 25 minutes
• Total Time: 35 minutes
• Misc:           Serve hot

• 1 Cup Acha "Fonio"
• A Pinch of Salt
• 6 Cups Water (or more)
• 4 tbsp. Granulated sugar (or as desired) 
• Milk (as desired) 
• Raisins (as desired) - Optional 
• Cashew nuts (as desired) - Optional 
• Groundnuts (as desired) - Optional

Step 1: Acha grains are very small in size and they tend to have few sand particles. This has to be removed before cooking. To do this, simply place the Acha in a bowl and add water to it. Wash and sieve out the dirt. Repeat the washing and sieving process till the water becomes clean and all the sand particles have been removed. 

Step 2: You'd notice i used 1 cup of Acha for this. Acha tends to swell and absorb liquid when cooking therefore it's advisable not to get tempted to cook a lot of Acha as you might end up with a full pot of pudding which you wouldn't be able to finish. 
Place the washed grains in a medium sized pot and add about 6 cups of water to it. Leave to cook on medium heat while stirring continuously at the early stage of cooking to prevent lumps from forming. You want the grains to lose their grittiness and become fluffy and soft. The pudding will also be somewhat thick. 

Step 3: Turn off the burner and add the sugar and milk. For a fancier spin, you could also add raisins, cashew nuts or groundnuts.

Step 4: Serve the pudding immediately it is ready while hot as it tends to solidify after sitting at room temperature for a while. It can be served with akara, plantain, moi moi or even bread

Note: Acha tends to solidify after sitting at room temperature for a while. 

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  1. Na wa oh some food dey wey I nvr even try cook bfr,am just liking dis blog

  2. Fonio next big thing in cereals.

  3. I love acha so much, it's my best cereal. I will try it with groundnuts & cashew nuts

  4. Is it gud 4 weight loss

    1. Yes it is. Acha is an energy food which offers a good amount of fibers and gives the feeling of a filled stomach. By doing this, it can help body reduce food cravings while providing necessary energy required. Thus it may aid in controlling weight.

  5. Well done, Dobby! My mum has been trying to describe this acha to me for some time now but I didn't know it. Just seeing it for the first time here. Please, where can I get it?

    1. You can get it in the local markets here in Nigeria. Those that sell grains such as beans and rice should have it.

  6. Please where can one get the Acha and what other name does it go by......thanks

    1. Another name for Acha is Fonio. You can get it in the local markets here in Nigeria. Those that sell grains such as beans and rice should have it.

  7. Goodevening , i sell Acha..sorry i have to advertise on your blog without prior notice, i deliver at a token nationwide, you can contact me on 08084841568 .my name is Seun Nellie B.thank you. Tell a friend....#Achà. The next big cereal in naija..very healthy and sumptuous

  8. Great post . My family and I use Acha as swallow to eat egusi or vegetable soup. Instead of the regular pounded yam or Garri. You can buy them from supermarkets around vi (shoppers Delite or the fruit and vegetables store at idowu Martins)

  9. Love love Acha. Regularly buy mine from shoppers Delite supermarket in vi and idowu Martins veg store

  10. acha nah best cereals i ever seen during my services year nysc in kaduna i will always wanted to take my breakfast with acha,milk and sugar..mmmh so lovely , someone will never understand this food until u see n get it prepared...i even bought some moudles n brought it down to my place @ west to introduces it to my mum and guess what??? ..mmmh bring me acha cereals when next u travel again to north... i miss service year i miss acha.


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