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Gbegiri soup recipe (Beans Soup) - How to make Gbegiri

Way back during my secondary school days in badagry, the worst punishment a student could get was to be sent to the kitchen to help the cooks out in cooking for over 7,000 people or to do farm work. Once in a while, i'd often find myself in the kitchen doing the dishes or peeling beans skin for gbegiri or akara. Don't look at me, it was always by accident of course else i wouldn't have gbegiri skills in my recipe book..lol.
Gbegiri soup is a tasty Nigerian soup indigenous to the Yoruba people which is an ethnic group located primarily in western part of Nigeria. It's made from pureed beans and has a slightly watery texture (Just like ogi mixed with cold water just before hot water is added). It's usually cooked plain and served alongside ewedu (Jute soup) and buka stew which is where the meat and assorted offal comes from. The traditional meal accompaniment for this soup is amala although you can also take it with any "swallow" of  choice.

How to make Gbegiri soup
• Prep time:
15 mins
• Cook time:45 mins
• Total time:1 hour
• Region:     Western Nigeria
• Misc:         Serve hot

Things you'd need
• Ijabe (Traditional broom whisk) Or Blender

• 1 cup Honey beans
• 1 cooking spoon palm oil
• 3 Ata Rodo"Scotch bonnet/Habanero Pepper"(You can also use cayenne pepper) - Ground
• 1 tsp. Akaun "Ground Potash"- Optional (to soften the beans)
• Iru "Locust beans" - Optional
• 1 Seasoning cube
• Salt to taste

Step 1: Place the beans in a bowl and wash with your hands to remove the skin. Alternatively, you can also peel the skin by using the blender method HERE.

Step 2: In a medium sized pot, cook the peeled beans in water with potash till soft. The beans can be cooked without potash although it will take longer time but it's definitely healthier. Using the ijabe broom, mash the beans in the pot (make sure there's water in it) just like it's done when making ewedu. Alternatively, you can use the blender for this. Simply leave the beans to cool down a little before placing in a blender and grinding till smooth.

Step 3: Once you've gotten a smooth paste either from the blender/broom, place back on low heat, add the seasoning cube, ground pepper, palm oil, salt to taste and then stir. Gbegiri soup is a slightly watery soup so you'd have to add some more water to loosen it up and reduce the thickness.

Step 4: Add the locust beans (If you're using) and Leave to simmer on low heat for about 7 mins. Turn off the burner and serve hot alongside ewedu, buka stew and amala.

Kitchen Notes:
Gbegiri thickens once it starts to cool down. To loosen it up, a little water can be added when warming.

Gbegiri served with buka stew, pomo, sharki and ewedu soup + Amala
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  1. bia is dere anoda name for locust beans and honey beans and how do i tell the market women in d east wat i want...


    1. Honey beans is the ordinary brown beans found in the market. Locust beans is Okpei

  2. Gbegiriiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! This makes me miss naija. thanks for this dobby.

  3. I thought one will sieve the beans after using the ijabe because of the beans particles. Thanks for this haven't cooked it before was still asking my mom how to cook it.

  4. dobby can i use ordinary beans flour?

    1. i doubt if it'd taste the same. it's best to use whole beans.

  5. Hi, is it a must to peel the skin of the beans off?

  6. This is wow!

  7. Am from kogi state( the Yoruba speaking part) and the one I grew up with was made with grounded beans flour and it still tasted nice..though the skills for that is out of this world!


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