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Tuwo Shinkafa - Rice meal swallow

Behold the king of swallows in the northern part of Nigeria. During my stay in the north, i don't remember a week passing by without eating tuwo shinkafa and any soup of choice. Tuwo shinkafa is a popular northern "swallow" made from soft mashed rice.It's usually made with a locally grown short grain rice popularly known as tuwo rice. This is the preferred choice because tuwo rice tends to get soft quickly which makes it easier to mash up. It can be served with soups such as; Miyan taushe, Miyan kuka, Miyan wake e.t.c.

How to make Tuwo shinkafa
• Prep Time:
  20 minutes
• Cook Time: 30 minutes
• Total Time: 50 minutes
• Region:       Northern Nigeria
• Meal Type:  
Meal accompaniment

You'll Need::
• Pestle (for mashing up the rice)
• Transparent nylons (for wrapping)

• 2 Cups rice (Tuwo rice)
• Water (Enough to cook the rice till it gets very soft)

Step 1: Rinse the rice with water and place in a medium sized pot. Add water just enough to cook the rice till it gets very soft.

Step 2: Check to see if the rice is soft enough by pressing the rice grains between your fingers. If it's not soft enough, add some more water and cook till the water dries up.

Step 3: With a wooden spatula or pestle, mash the rice in the pot. Once you're done mashing the whole rice in the pot, scoop mounds of the mashed rice into transparent plastic nylons and wrap to prevent it from drying up and retain it's freshness.

Serve with your favorite northern Nigeria soup such i.e; Miyan taushe, miyan kuka, miyan wake e.t.c

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  1. just so you know, i love your blog madam.

  2. So there is a rice called Tuwo Rice?

  3. in Ghana we have omo tuo, that is rice tuo, prepared in this same way. best enjoyed with peanut butter soup,..even sounds like the tuwo, guess we have similar dishes

    1. We sure do aivie. What are we neighbors for ;)


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