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Aki na ukwa

No i don't mean the popular comedy film staring osita and chinedu, i mean the food from which the name of the movie was gotten. These days once aki na ukwa is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie but in reality, the name goes way beyond the movie. Aki (palm kernel nut) na ukwa (roasted breadfruit) is a popular snack of jaw breaking palm kernel seeds and roasted breadfruit which originates from the eastern part of Nigeria. It's really tasty and valued by most people who eat it. Around this time of the year, this snack is sold at a very expensive rate. A cup of raw ukwa cold go for as much as 500 naira while the roasted snack is sold more expensive. To get the aki, simply reserve palm kernel nuts after extracting the oil for recipes like banga soup, ofe aku or abak atama

• Ukwa ( raw shelled) - as much as you can eat
Fresh palm kernels - as much as you can eat

Step 1: Boil the palm kernels and pound to extract the oil. Set the oil aside for use in other recipes, what you need is the nut. With a hammer, break the nuts to remove the kernel seeds (Aki). 

Step 2: In an empty pan on medium heat, dry roast the Ukwa by stir frying till it turns golden brown on the inside. You can check by peeling the skin of one. Set aside to cool then peel off the skin by rubbing the pan roasted ukwa between your palms and blowing off the chaff 

Serve the aki and ukwa together as a snack

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  1. Really just loving this blog more and more. Keep it up.

  2. Lack of food to post?

  3. @anonymous 7:15 PM. If it's that easy why don't you create a big if ur own and post recipes every day for one month let's see how fer/well u can go/do

  4. Waoh!!! Just discovered this blog. Mehn this is good, a lot of us are looking for where to learn how to make a lot of our naija recipes. Great job.

  5. Waoh!!! Just discovered this blog. Mehn this is good, a lot of us are looking for where to learn how to make a lot of our naija recipes. Great job.

  6. Very Lovely Pictures Dobby! Nice! Ate this alot as a kid!

  7. Nwata you will not kill us in Europe..it is well.

  8. haha liked how you started with Osita & Chinedu.
    Had a lot of this growing up. Dad loved it & always bought some each time he traveled (to the village). Grandma used to produce red (palm) oil from palm fruits too, so she had a store full of dried palm kernel. Would pack them in big jute bags each time I visited. Best part of this snack is when the palm kernel is the sweet specie. Haven't had it in donkey years, no thanks to living in Lagos. Never actually seen it in Lagos, have you?

    1. Sure i have. It's sold in some parts of Lagos :)

  9. This local snack turn me on like seriously, I enjoy it more with coconut, thanks for teaching me how to process it, because it is just too expensive.


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