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Best cookbooks of all Time - Allnigrianrecipes Cookbook Makes the List

Recently, i was contacted to pick my top 10 favorite cookbooks to be used in creating the ultimate online food destination, built around a comprehensive collection of recipes as voted by leading chefs, food writers, editors, bloggers and food professionals. With this task, i couldn't think of a better person other than madam Flo Madubike of allnigerianrecipes. I must confess, this great and hardworking woman has been a very wonderful influence to the Nigerian food and blogging industry even though she doesn't realize it yet...lol. Her book also covers all aspects of Nigerian cooking apart from the fact that it'd make you drool. Check out the feature on Los Angeles Times. To view my top 10 picks, Click Here


  1. Aww Dobby, all these love for me? So glad you like the cookbook. Seeing this is such a great way to start my day. Thank you so much! <3

    1. Hahaha!! yes o! All for you. Thanks for being an inspiration :D

  2. Yeah she is good. Weldone to you too dobby you really moving on first class ticket. Hehehehe

  3. Yes Adaoma,yes!Bless your heart for being so discerning!Flo was actually my first online cookery teacher.N I couldn't wait to get her book when I came to Naija,from Somy Supermarket...Bought it & had it re-bound (hardcover) soon as I got back home...me n it gon' be together a long time,lol.

  4. I have learned a lot from her u-tube videos and app. And from u too. My cooking skills have greatly improved. God bless u madam Flo and Dobby.

  5. You are so right dobby. Aunty Flo is such an inspiration and dobby, u are also an exceptional young lady dts passionate about cooking and eating good and healthy meals. God bless u both. Aunty Flo, thanks again for d book.


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